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  1. I would love to have a cache at my display but I've got one 278 ft north of my display so its just a bit too close. I've thought of the idea of putting a Tb code on some coro with lights and see how many people log it.
  2. It doesn't matter the size of your show. I haven't had a lot of time the past few months to get a lot off the off-season list done but I've still accomplished some. Just take one item that needs to be done and finish that, then move on to your next element you need to work on. Don't look at the entire list of stuff to finish because you'll never get motivated to get it all done. Little baby steps and before you know it the show will be on.
  3. I'm with Bill on this one. My entire display revolves around mega strings. RGBW incan lights for the whole show. Last year I had 17 mega strings for the roof, gutters, windows and a few accent strings. This year I'm adding another 16 mega strings for a mega tree and they will be built the same way, being zip tied every 4 ft. I found that when making them I set one string over a nail in a board and string them out and stretch them a bit and continue on to the second string stretching it out and so forth then I go back and stretch them out again before getting to the zip ties. As for storage on them I've gone with Rubbermaid tubs that hold aprox 10 mega strings. Best part is once they are made your setup goes much quicker the next year.
  4. I find that every year I've changed some part of my show. With every new year I get my new channel config done then just do a channel by channel move. I know that this is teadeous but I find that I get it right on the first try. First moving all my timings then moving each channel.
  5. The best advice is to watch youtube and see what you like. If you have your show split into two sides of say your house you can blink one side then the other and back again. I see that you only have 16 channels but you don't have to have all 16 on at once of even use all of them for one song. I've got a few that I only use for one specific song so it's like a hidden part of the show. Keep in mind that what you may think is boring, to the regular person on the street it will be the best thing they've ever seen.
  6. I would replace the whole string but since I've already got the midget controller for blinky flashy and the length of the string is a set item bulb replacing it is. Won't be the first time and at least its only 140 bulbs. Last project was almost 1000 bulbs. Thanks for the info.
  7. So confusing title I know. I've got an old santa sleigh that lights up with 4 sets of 35 lights one of those mini controller things to make blinky flashy. See pics for the santa. Nothing works on it except one of the four parts and I've removed the wires from the box and tested each of the four so I know it's just a bulb issue now. Here is the question. Can I pull all the bulbs out and replace all the bulb with bulbs from 50 ct lights strings. My though is yes but I will be putting more current into each bulb thus shorting the life of the bulb, correct? But am I really shortening it by that much?
  8. Thanks for the info. I had figured that the 3-4 ft range was the right size just needed a little confirmation on that.
  9. Just a poll q for all that have done coro/ply cutouts. How big are your projects and is it related to the size of your yard? This question stems from me wanting to make talking chipmunks to add to this years display and I haven't really seen sizes listed with the projects that I've looked into. For my I've got a typical city lot so the distance isn't very far. Also do you size it according to sheet good size ie make it fit to a 4x8 sheet with all 4 characters fitting into one sheet or does it need to be made bigger?
  10. I'll bring the whole decorating crew with me this year. Me myself and I so 1.
  11. I wish I could say I was up and running but I'm not yet. Dec 1 is the planned day for me if the weather cooperates on Wednesday when I'm taking the day off to get all the controllers hooked up. I hope I don't move for a while as a new house is a big project. 28020 230 ave se maple valley wa
  12. I'm a big fan of lots of rebar. I've got my LLAs ending at mini tree and the controller hidden inside the tree. So 2 pieces of rebar for the two arches, 1 wood stake for the controller and two pieces of rebar on each mini tree that has a controller inside of it. For the rest of the trees without a controller 1 piece of rebar works great. I buy the thin rebar in 8 ft lengths and cut them down to 1.5 ft lengths and pound in half and use two or three zip ties on the piece sticking up. I know this may seem a bit excessive but I had strong winds at my previous house and extra support was needed.
  13. I tend to go close to 7.5 ft for spacing. It's not a half circle bit not too spread put it looks flat. Also 7.5 splits my front yard into 4 so I can fit all of my arches.
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