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  1. I didn't look all the way through this thread BUT A kit74 - 8 channels cost 39.99 vixen = free LPT - cable 10.99 Solution - bout 50 bucks PLUS no soldering and only a basic understanding of electricty needed. This was how I started, it was a great intro to the hobby and I highly encorage others to start this way. PM and let me know if you want to know how to do it? Slink
  2. Yes doug, repling to my own post: http://www.pira.cz/rds/show.asp?art=minirds_encoder Has anyone did this? I could use some help in connecting the DB9??? I'll also check over there
  3. I have been here in a while - BUT - Last time I was here there was a RDS addition to the FM25. I bought the parts 2 years ago and now want to add this function to my display. Here is the kicker I can't find it on here now I searched RDS and came up empty. Does anyone remember the thread? I think it was piraz or something, I have parts and no idea where to connect them =P Oh and hey everyone long time no see!!! Slink
  4. Looking to buy the Video. Does anyone know where I can purchase just that video? Thanks Slink Edit - Sorry the Bob Rivers one.
  5. very true, I gave up on plugs to much work just wire st8 through Slink
  6. Per cord - so for using them as inputs from the wall powering your boards. Prolly not good. but you could use them for the 16 channels going out to the display without issue. Unless of course you are utilizing all 15amp on 1 channel. but I don't think you are running you AC off on of your boards. Slink
  7. Didn't take long to get a reply from them but it doesn't look like they are going to adjust. I asked as an individual so maybe he'll cut the folks here the .06 if we can arrange a run on the cord again? anyways here their reply: We had ran out of the one stock and when we received it again from another source the cost was higher and we had to adjust as well. Thanks Shawn If you have any questions, please contact us by either email or telephone... Skycraft Parts and Surplus 2245 W. Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 (407) 628-5634 Fax: 647-4831 M-F 8:30am to 6:00pm Sat 8:30am to 5:00pm [email protected] Visit www.skycraftsurplus.com
  8. I just noticed the .08 per 1k ft and emailed them. I'll let you guys know what response if any I get from them. Slink
  9. So they now have 83250 feet left. Slink
  10. slinkard


    Yes sir you are correct. The limitation comes down to the software driving it. Vixen may have fixed that. You'll have to check with them on that. Slink
  11. slinkard


    kit74's are relay systems, google it i used to get mine for about 39.00 a board. with these you don't need SSR or any thing else. you run 3 parallel boards you use vixen you use a inexpensive FM broadcaster and you'll have 24 channels for about 150.00. here is a kit (also called a 1601) http://www.electronickits.com/kit/complete/elec/ck1601.htm here is a link to explain how to use it: http://www.spiffomatic64.com/lightshow/ Now Vixen will allow you to use 3 of thee with just a basic parallel plugin. Here is the free software that will drive your light show http://www.vixenlights.com/ Radio shack your going to need a 25 pin parallel cable. You might not be able to find it here but you should be able to. But you could go to any mama and pop computer fixin store and they will have it. your gonna need some power distribution blocks. the 120 to 12vdc 500 ml amp power supply (if you didn't get it from carls) Home depot Get an fm transmitter from GE(I think it is for IPods) it costs like 17 bucks. This way you don't have to blast music through out your neighbor hood. Just put up a sigh that say stune in to channel 96.1 to hear the lights! Now the bad part with this transmitter, you have to keep a watch on it cuz it does phase out. so every once in a while tune in to a radio to make sure your music is still coming in clear. these were some exerpts from an email I sent out but didn't feel like retyping everything. Slink
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    Yes! But I don't know about that LOR box. You can (on off only) control up to 3 kit74's with parallel cables. You will need to have 3 cables though (note: the max a computer can take.). You then can use vixen with no problem. This is how I started out way back when. If you need more information on this PM me and I'll hook you up. Heck I think I might even have a complete system with FM transmitter laying around. Slink
  13. slinkard

    Circuit city

    Sounds like CC hasn't taken into account the amount they ar going to be paying for all the stores to warehouse there goods because they don't want to discount. It is what it is, I haven't gone to a CC in about 15years, but one of my friends said he went in to look around. He found a 2 gig thumb drive for 60.00!!!! he laughed and walked right out the store. I don't even think he made it to the TV section. Slink
  14. I just looked at the classes . I am already signed up for 12 units this semester, gotta love using the GI bill!!! that is a class I am adding to next semesters to do classes! Slink
  15. Jerry, I have After Effect in fact I have the Master Suite CS3. Hoping to get some insight on the actual use of this software from one of the pro's out there! Thanks so much for the Link's and leads I am running them done now! Slink
  16. I need some assistance in creating an animated movie. I have some software but I don't think I am on the right path. I am hoping to find someone that works in the industry that has experience in creating animated mated type movies. I want to be able to create an .avi type output. I have the idea but have found myself stuck in the mud. If you have experience in this field please help. Slink
  17. Is there a website for them? www.fleetfarm.com does not allow online orders yet. Thanks Slink
  18. almost like a baby! I missed out again!!! maybe when they restock but lets not forgt the rules of supply and demand Slink
  19. The software that I use to play back the show in does its playback a bit differently then LOr or AL. It indexs the show prior to and the playback takes very little CPU. Sequencing is the CPU intense part for me but even then never over 25%. The points about the Varible bit rate hold true in all show players as best as I can tell, LOR - Aurora - AL - or the old spectrum seem to really choke on them. Thats why I wanted to go with the AVI format but it may choke my software too..... Are there any softwares to do the video overlays that are free or very inexpensive? I am at 200ish in the last 2 days just on Elf's and software Thanks again for all your help so far! I have started the tour of the software and plan on completing the tour tomorrow. Hopfully I'll be able to get to some creating by this weekend. Slink
  20. Thats right, it was you that helped me pre-Christmas. You shot me over some text. Unfortunately I was not able to get my vidoe incorperated into this(last) years display. I think I am starting early enough this year though! Slink
  21. Are there any Flash Guru's out there? I have some Elf's template now and am trying to break into the flash programming. Was hoping one of you guru's could give me a hand! I also bought Anima Studio too. I have a template for it too. Any guidance on either is greatly apprecaited! Slink
  22. Hey here's a thought If you are trying to break into the business of creating video for peoples displays give me a jingle let work together get this nailed down and I will become your first reference and will tell everyone either in person or via boards about you! Just a thought, Slink
  23. Did you run a flash type animation or was it Anime studio? How I am seeing this is multiple layers all interacting - Create an Audacity mix of about 15minutes of music/voice overs. Create this as wave. Import that into "Something Adobe" cuz I have that master suite. Use it as the music layer Next incorperate a background of the north pole Back Layer Bring in the DJ elf and DJ stand Elf Layer with the background still in play do one of those "Thinking back in the day" fades and enter video in the middle of this background like a circle. This way the 4 corners of the back ground are still there and now the video is overlayed on the background. Create all this and turn it into a AVI. My sequencing software allows me to then take this 15min video avi file and bring it in to do all the sequencing of the lights. The video over lay will be on the second screen and the sequencing will be on the primary. I then would need to complete do all the songs but the show will only be 15minutes so not to bad. I think my plan is solid but..... I don't know what software to use or if this can be done with Adobe suite. I hope so cuz I don't want to buy any more, I already have some elfs designed out and the background but I don't want to invest to much more time if adobe can't do what I want. Again first time trying to do this interactive video display, but last year the incorperation of video was GREAT .... So like always I have to take it to the next step. Slink Edit: Loved the Idea of bring flashes into the video - now I am going to have the animation, snow when the snow blowers are on and it is in a animated part of the video!
  24. Debating length of show now. I am thinking a mega mix (remember the Elf is a DJ behind turn tables) something like 10-15 minutes then a 5 minute down time where the house just get color washing done to it so cars visitors can vacate. So the elf will be dancing behind turn table so really you'll just see his head bobbing and a few hand signals here and there. This also will only happen at the begining, then video will wash in a few seconds maybe 5 seconds after the song starts. To balance it all out. This Video will be dead center of the display too so I think I can pull it off but the blending everything with the balance that will be required is going to be a PITA. Slink
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