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  1. ryanshow wrote: True enough. We've discussed this enough. Time to let it rest methinks.
  2. It's not the value of the display. It's the lack of consideration shown by those who would steal/destroy other peoples' stuff. Frankly, some people's lives are less valuable than others'. Except perhaps in the eyes of God, we aren't all equal. I wouldn't kill someone over a Christmas light display. I would, however, try to hurt them badly enough that they would never do it to me or anyone else again.
  3. Class B Misdemeanor is by definition criminal, not civil. The victims can recover in a civil suit but the cops can and should file a criminal case against them as well.
  4. I don't get that $1500 thing. The law (Penal Code 23.08) on criminal mischief is very clear: < $50 Class C $50-500 Class B $500-1500 Class A > $1500 Various degrees of felony So even if the damage they caused was less than $1500 I don't see why the police don't bring charges. Heck a Class A misdemeanor can draw a year in jail! Unless what you're saying is that the police don't care about anything less than a felonious level of damage, in which case they shouldn't be surprised when people start taking things into their own hands...
  5. Thanks for your well-written and informative reply - a lot of wisdom in that. I think we're on the same page.
  6. You could always buy a fake gun and toss it to him - "hey catch!". It's instinctive to catch something thrown to you. Once he's got it in his hands...
  7. I'm just sayin... Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 14.01.OFFENSE WITHIN VIEW. (a) A peace officer or any other person, may, without a warrant, arrest an offender when the offense is committed in his presence or within his view, if the offense is one classed as a felony or as an offense against the public peace. ( A peace officer may arrest an offender without a warrant for any offense committed in his presence or within his view. Texan, your points are good ones and certainly have given me pause regarding the lengths I'll go to protect my stuff.
  8. I guess the gist of what I was saying is that since vandalism is criminal mischief, it is one of the things you can use deadly force to stop. Whether it is also a breach of peace is up for debate, but if it is a breach of peace, you can arrest for it even though it's a misdemeanor. I'd submit that vandalism is a breach of peace, as its natural consequence is to provoke others to violence (i.e., anger the property owner). All that said, I agree that verbal warning (accompanied by the sound of a shotgun racking) is the right way to go.
  9. Vandalism is most certainly not a civil offense. It is a criminal offense. You can use force or deadly force to prevent vandalism or theft during the nighttime. You can also use force or deadly force to prevent someone from fleeing with stolen property. As a side note: any use of a firearm is consideredusing "deadly force" whether or not your intention was to kill and whether or not someone is killed. Confinement is justified if force is justified, as long as the confinement ends when it is safe to end it. It would be easy to argue that you didn't feel safe releasing the vandal/thief
  10. Hot glue! It works especially well on brick, but I also use it on siding and soffits.
  11. Be careful here. Mere trespassing on land isn't a "killin' offense" (i.e., you cannot shoot someone for trespassing). They have to be trying to enter your home or occupied vehicle. The recent changes to the law only removed your duty to retreat - now you can stand your ground in your home or car. Theft or criminal mischief (vandalism)at night are justification for the use of deadly force. Night is 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. Bottom line is: Someone simply in your yard - no shooting. It's nighttime and someone is trashing or stealing your display - lock and load.
  12. If it were my house Iwould start with three things and work up from there: 1. Icicles (I prefer white) from the eaves in the front of the house, including up to the peak of the portico. 2. C9s along the ridge lines on the roof. Here again, I prefer white. 3. Multicolor clear C7s or C9s hot glued (stuck straight-on, poking straight out - this works REALLY well and they pop right off after Christmas) around the front windows following the nice curvy outlines of the windows. Other ideas: Those nice expanses of flat area on the roof would work well for some sort of artistic display. Ma
  13. FYI the "snow fluid" these things use is just water and a chemical called triethanolamine. You can buy it at thechemistrystore.com for a fraction of what the snow people charge. Mix at 0.5% w/w with water. One gallon ($16.81) will make 256 gallons of snow fluid.
  14. I learned this helpful "device" in high school physics class. Cover up the value you are trying to calculate and you'll see the formula to calculate it. V = Voltage (Volts) I = Current (Amps) R = Resistance (Ohms) A similar device could be drawn for wattage by putting a "P" (Power in Watts) over "V" (Voltage) x "A" (Amperage).
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