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  1. I really think that they were flashing between colors. you could see what looked like the same bulbs change. What am I missing here??
  2. Ok maybe a bad thread title but... I saw a very nice animated lights show in my area. I am wondering when I see the Icicles and other lights change colors is it changing color or are there just multiples strands of different colors? I hope to animate next year and am just curious about the icicles mainly. i like how they change and thought I would have to run multiple strands of lights around the house to get this effect. Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone. I have noticed that Home Depot and Menards are very low on lights. I guess I will see what I can find the 26th. Thanks
  4. I am wondering what the best stores to hit after Christmas might be. I have tried Menards and Home depot in the past but they don't have great prices. 50% off an inflated price is not that great in my opinion. They are just keeping their stock and selling it the next year i think. Thanks
  5. Kate Have you ever thought of offering them for sale?? I would love to buy some for my supply!
  6. Actually the colder copper gets the less resistance to the flow of electricity it has. So they really use less. Not that you can tell or measure. But a little.
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