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  1. Just had a bison steak for dinner with a Sam Octoberfest

  2. Just upgraded to the new facebook

  3. who in there right mind sets off fireworks at 5am

  4. I have never seen that mold before. the one of santa sitting on the moon.
  5. RWM


    Any updates on the Mini in October?
  6. RWM

    Mold Info

    When was this mold first made? The pic i posted is from 1966
  7. RWM

    LED Question

    I got the lights from Building 19, its a discount store in New England. I got 7 other sets of white leds from there, these had the ul tags & 3 transformers per string. Its a 50 count string.
  8. RWM

    LED Question

    I just bought a brand new string of 5mm shunted warm white leds with no transformer on the string. It also came with out the UL sticker, is the string safe to use? I've never seen leds without the transformers.
  9. RWM

    Mold Info

    Does anyone know who made this mold?
  10. I got 8 boxes of white leds for $15 and a box of black out caps for 29 cents
  11. Don't forget he punched Santa too.
  12. RWM

    Old Elf Mold

    Thanks for the info guys.
  13. How old is this elf, my family had it since at least the mid 60's. We have at three of them.
  14. RWM


    Is any one else having a problem with the site?
  15. Michael You have my deepest sympathy. My father died just about two year ago on December 1, this is the harderst time of the year to lose someone.
  16. Shawn what does the snowman have for a light kit?
  17. I have the genfoam version of that snowman. Shawn if want to keep her thats fine just send me the money. LOL
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