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  1. Im up at 6am to start the tear down. Should be done by around 5pm, longer then years past becasue I need to save more and throw out less. I wasnt abelt o replace everything at 50% off so its "Over-Under" on wrappingthe strands of lights!
  2. I was forced to visit family on Christmas day. Knowing of this early onI decided to inlist neighbors to hitmy local stores whileIwas away inVA. At 7am my Minivan with a Cargo caddy on its roof hit the stores in VA, Chesterfeild, midlothian and Richmond stores. here is how I did. 4-Targets(total30mini, 2 LED, no rope light) 3-Walmarts(20-boxes no LED no rope light) 1-k-mart.(15 LED no rope light) In NJ my neighbors hit 2 targets, (3 blue spirl LED trees, 22boxes mini, NO LED) 3 Wall marts (no mini' s at all) 1 Kmart (3-LED, )along with a LED display,a small strip of li
  3. I tried 13 Target stores and they were all out. Even went to another state! Looking for the Target brand, gold and the Purple 100 ligts per strand. NIB. Let me know how many you have. Also, Like everyone else, Any and all LED strands. Looking for a-lot! Wink Wink! red, Green, Amber, Purple(Pink) thanks in advance.
  4. I used Gal Coupler, Filler with Grease, capped with a 4 inch PVC End cap. its a pin to find each year.
  5. I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I throw everything away, Im not kidding. All strings of lights go in the garbage!!!! I keep the C-7, C-9 and all rope lights. Reason, Most of my lights are stretched. Its easier on the clean up and on the install. I have very limited time doing all the set. Each year we change the display and the songs drastically. I know it would be easier if I kept it all the same. These are the target lights. I buy them after Christmas at 60-80% off so they end up costing me about a buck a box or less.
  6. Ok you guys just scared the crap out of me. My semi-mega tree is 15 feet high. It’s made of 2 inch Black pipe with 2 joints. One joint located 5 feet up from the ground.(it’s a Tee that allows me to tighten the pipe like a breaker bar) and one at top soil level (3 inches below grass) the lower joint connects to another 5 foot pipe that is cemented beneath the ground. I do not use Guide wire.. I have 36 strands of lights that are my guide wire. SO call me NUTS!!!I took the top of the kids trampoline, connected that to the ground and then connected the lights to the trampoline. We had a nice
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