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  1. I plan to travel to the Cobb county area and to Fayetteville as well. I will be going to see a display in Hampton too. So if you could pm me the locations in those areas, I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks. Thomas
  2. I would like to take the family to see the displays in and around the Atlanta area. Could you pm me your info with the address, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Thomas
  3. We visited a few in the Lawrenceville area on Friday and then we went to Newnan, East Point and Fayetteville this past Saturday. We plan to go see displays in Cumming, Alpheratta and the surrounding areas on Friday. May start out in Canton and work our way back to Lawrenceville. On Saturday we plan to go Douglasville, Acworth and Kenesaw. Since I'm taking this year off from decorating, I thought we would go around and see what everyone else have done.
  4. I used sand in the legs and cap the end that attaches to the tee with cement to keep the sand from coming out.
  5. The HD here in my town has 6' brown ext cords for 99 cents.
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