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  1. Unfortunately, I got diagnosed with pneumonia this weekend so it's going to be much later that I do my traveling to see the other light shows. I know I caught the basic cold because I try to say hi to each and every visitor (crazy notion, but I do enjoy it). According to my wife, I won't be doing much of that this week, maybe not even next week (she's pretty strict). Anyway, I hope all of you have a really great time. I saw most of the shows last year and they were fabulous. If you are in my neighborhood to see the light show, please stop and ring the doorbell. I will come out, if on
  2. Fabulous work on the faces. Is this a sequence that you are willing to share? I'm currently using four "Singing Faces" sequences that seem to be very popular with everyone (Thriller, This is Halloween, Monster Mash, and Boom Boom Pow). However, yours would make a great addition to my playlist. My Boom Boom Pow Video can be seen here . . . Richard Alpharetta, GA
  3. I use 64 strings of White (4 strings on each 16 Channels), 32 strings of Red (4 strings on each of 8 channels) and 32 strings of Green (4 strings on each of 8 channels). With 128 strings at the top of a 20' tree, it got quite crowded at the top. I made some hook adapters out of coat hangers that allowed me to move some strings downward so it wouldn't be so busy up there. You can make whatever number of loops in each adapter you need. If you have 96 strings and 16 hooks, you would make 6 loops in each adapter. With 24 hooks, you would make 4 loops. The top loop goes onto the hook with one
  4. I just wrote to Monoprice asking if they could add this cable to their selection. Maybe if enough of us asked they would come up with their typically low price product. $20 a pair is a little pricey. Richard
  5. Did you ever wonder why that spare replacement bulb for that burned out incandescent bulb didn't quite fit into the socket? Over the last few years, I've purchased from multiple sources and I grouped my spares into cigar boxes labeled 40 watt, 24 watt, super-bright, multi-colored, bases only, etc. Even then, I pick one out of the box, and it doesn't fit the socket. Either way too loose, or it won't go in at all. Here's why!! I decided to go through my "bases only" box, and I came up with 19 different bases and that doesn't include those that are white. Yes, a few may be interchangeable
  6. Great job. Personally I think the trio faces need to be scarier for Thriller, etc, like the video at the beginning of this thread, but not with the "Blue Moon" song. The ones you have are perfect for that. I love it. When do you think you will have a set of songs available for sale (and approximate price?)? How far away do you place the projector and how do you protect it from the elements? Out of curiosity, if you don't mind saying, what software are you using to create these? Richard
  7. Here's one of my videos - recently posted on YouTube. Fairly good representation of my spiral trees, although the whole video is a little dark and I wish the colors were brighter. Hope you like it. Richard
  8. Similar experience here. It had stopped raining just before 5 PM so I took my leaf blower out and after shaking each mini tree, blew the rest of the water off. Also blew all leaves away from the base of the trees. Then did the same with my mega trees. I have raised and ziptied almost every connection up onto plastic stakes. Virtually every exposed outlet has been closed with those plastic baby safety plugs. I have noticed that my standard floods lighting the house got water into the bases causing GFCI problems, so when it rains, I just disconnect them. As expected, it started to ra
  9. My show runs Sun-Thu 6-10, Fri-Sat 6-11. Everything is on automatic like most of the members above. One slight addition is I've added Zara Radio to the mix and begin transmitting a variety of songs beginning at 5:30 with time/temp/humidity announcements every two songs. Then I start my LOR pre-show with animation only (allows me to check that everything is functioning) at 5:45 while still transmitting music with Zara. I throw in an announcement by the Demented Elf every three-five minutes that says "Thanks for coming by ....... the show will begin at 6:00 pm". At 5:59:50, I have Zara pr
  10. Tried to download at that site, but unable to because I wasn't a member. Tried to sign up, but no confirming email. Tried to contact the support, but email came bouncing back. Any thoughts? Richard
  11. I use a wired video camera which covers the donation box and street area. No recording, but I can see when anyone approaches the box and when neighborhood walkers are in front. In addition, I use wireless motion sensors (Chamberlain CWA2000 - $50 for receiver and one sensor. Additional sensors are $29) to let me know if a car is in the culdesac. My second sensor lets me know if anyone comes into my driveway. You can have up to 4 sensors, each with its own alarm sound (#1 - one beep, #2 - two beeps, etc.). These sensors run 24 hours year round. They are over 100 ft from the receiver an
  12. You've GOT to see his "Pines of the Winter's Night" video. Hilarious and spot on! Very, very nice, Marty. Richard
  13. Just a heads-up for those of you who own Iphones and either have their videos up on Vimeo or you just want to view some on their site. Vimeo announced a few days ago their app for viewing Vimeo content on Iphones. It is free and it works just great. You can see all comments, likes, and stats. It has a tab especially for viewing your own videos that you have uploaded. It can be downloaded from Itunes. I give it a thumbs up! Richard
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