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  1. RayNMesa wrote: Those are pretty cool looking. I will have to keep those in mind. I would like to stay with wireframe since everything else will be wireframe in the display, but I definately keep those as an option.....
  2. texasusmc wrote: Yea that would be great!
  3. Ok thanks, that will work. I will just leave them at 15 in the spreadsheet though to give me some wiggle room.
  4. I have never seen 5 watt C9s but that doesn't say they don't exsist. I am like you though, all mine and all the ones I have every bought were 7 watts and 25 count. I have never seen anything different or even remotely close to what this is saying.
  5. Travis wrote: You need a Amp Meter similar to this one. http://www.professionalequipment.com/mini-clamp-meter-calibrated-to-nist-standards-220/electric-meters/ It just clamps on to your main line in your breaker and reads the amps it is pulling. You need to turn on everything in the house that pulls power. You know you will never do this in reality but it will let you know how much you are playing with. So like all the lights, TV, Microwave, washer, dryer, AC, dishwasher, etc. anything and everything. Then take a reading and see how much of your service you are using. Then you will kno
  6. Does anyone know what the wattage is for these curtain strobes? http://www.christmaslightshow.com/xcart/product.php?productid=54&cat=0&bestseller Usally strobes like this are 15 watts, are these the same or they less because they are C9?
  7. Ok Quartzhill has a new controller load spreadsheet and while inputing my data over to the new one I noticed the C9 data I think is off. In the old spreadsheet this was the C9 numbers 7 watts per bulb 23 bulbs per string 1.34 amps per string. Now this new spreadsheet has C9 5 watts per bulb 17 bulbs per string 0.71 amps per string. Now this is saying this is the same watts as the C7 bulbs and the C9 are less per string. Now I don't know about you but all my C9 strands are 25 bulbs per strand. Also when did they go from 7 watts to 5 watts? Is this correct? How can I test this for sure to figure
  8. AI wrote: Yea, Yea, yea....:laughing: I was down to setting my last controller all 16 of those channels were mega-tree too. Dang It!!! Well time to start inputing this data into the new one.
  9. I would have to echo the above. I was just reconfiguring my controller load for next seasons layout. I have 3 controllers I have maxxed out all 16 ch but I am under 15 amps for the total controller load so I could plug both sides into one 15 amp outlet instead of having two seperate outlets. Now I have 2 controllers that are over 20 amps so I need two seperate 15 amps outlets. So if you are going to be using LEDS most likely all you will need is 4 15 amp breakers with 4 outlets on their own 15 amp breaker and you could plug both sides in one outlet for each controller. I am not using LEDS
  10. I know it is confusing at first, I was the same as you a month ago but once you learn what they do it is easy to figure out. As far as 50 amps powering the sub panel it should be but don't hold me to that. I asked the same question to my electrican which happens to be my Uncle. 100 amp sub panel should be enough though. Just remember you can't pull more power then what you are being serviced with. So you need to see how much power you are drawing now by turning everything on you can think of and see how much that draws. That will tell you how much you have to play with. If I understand it
  11. Well this was over 10+ yrs ago so the laws have changed a bit since then when all that happpened. I now have a CCTV with 4 cameras that covers the entire display with DVR PCI card that is connected to a seperate computer. One of the cameras I have streaming live on my web page. So I am covered now plus tonight I just added two 500 watts halogen flood lights for each side of the yard that come on after the display goes off for the night due to the recent attacks on people stealing animals from my nativity scene. The cameras are inerfred but the lights really help the cameras even more.
  12. AI wrote: You would think but Dan says you don't need to and it is ok and others I have talked to here that have done it for 2 yrs and never upgraded them and they have never had a problem. I thought about running 20 amp breakers for each side for my 15 amp sides but this is the problem that was introduced to my by my electrican you have to keep in mind. If you don't replace the fuse and use the 15 amps fuses and are on a 20 amp breaker and say you go over on a side say 17-18 amps it won't trip the breaker but will blow the fuses on your board in return chancing damaging them. So if it
  13. Travis wrote: That is correct, if you plan on maxing out each controller with 15 amps on each side. I would put in a 20 amp breaker and change the fuse in the controller though to 20 amps then your total controller power it will be able to handle will be 40 amps instead of 30 amps.
  14. jeffostroff wrote: HA, seems we are posting at the same time. Yea my Lowes here only carrys two sizes of pre cut but they are large dia and they are nearly a buck a peice. If you can't find any there let me know and I will send you some from here. They have these cubbies with all the concerte and rebar that has all different sizes of rebar. I use them to hold up my tune in sign that the PVC just slides over and the same for my Halloween graveyard fence and my blowmolds. Rebar is great....LoL
  15. jeffostroff wrote: Check out HD, that is where I get my rebar at and they have it precut in 2' section and I also use 3/8" dia for a lot of my projects. They are .63 cents a rod.
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