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  1. My Cuz In Lancaster Ohio Has Over 184,487 Lights. All over ten ac. of land. That you can drive all around the home and lake.
  2. All is welcome to drive By Are Display 10695 Cinn. / Zane. Rd Amanda Ohio 43102 Are road is Us St. Rt 22 We also have 3 Bigger Display By us with in 8 mile of Us Keep going on Us Rt. 22 East to Lancaster You can see there Lights From 5 miles before you get there. They are on the left side Rd. Look for sign On the left side. Just after you past Rt. 159 . You Will see my Cuz Display They Have out OVER 185,480 Lights That you can Drive around there 10 ac of Land and Lights display. They always put up a Best Display in Fairfield Co. Lancaster Ohio We have down size are display th
  3. LOOKING for Light Display in Ohio. Its that time of year for us to jump in the car. Start Looking for all the cool Lights Display in OHIO. If you see a new light display pop up by you. Please do tell Us t were it is. Town, Address How big or small the display it is.
  4. I got them from Valerie at Christmas-leds We meet them at the Ohio light show up in Columbus. I did buy all the rest of the ones that they had. I have been try to call her. She has not called me back. We are Just waiting. That's all we can do for now. Why do you ask were we did get them at.
  5. We have over 6 Strobe Lights go bad on Us! Is it a way to fix them back working. Two of the black base of the Strobes got very hot. The model of the Strobes We have are SP56-E17 3-4 flask/second strobes They are new out of the box.....We only had them on for about only 1 hr.
  6. We did look at them They was a little high price for us. Thanks for your info back to us.
  7. We Are Looking for USE or New LED Flood Lights Red or Green. We are trying to cut are bill down. We are trying to go all LED Display this Year. We hoping to find about 32 flood lights
  8. Help ! Help ! We are looking for Use Or New 4 channel Animation Controller's With or Without speed dials We need as many we can get. A.S.A.P Any add info were to get them at. Thanks
  9. We was down at Lowes in Lancaster We did also buy many boxs. They did take 3 bucks each one. And also they did let us use the 10 bucks off. So the price was 9.97 each box. 3 bucks off price down to 5.72 ec. then 10 bucks off after you spend 50 bucks. We save 4.22 on each box So cool. Still not 50% off but not to bad savings in Nov. By the way 50% off price is 4.98 each box. By the way We did buy all the GE lights they had on sale. To full skids. They did say they have more nights. Monday after noon. WE STIIL NEED 3 MORE SKIDS. To wrap up this display...
  10. What web site can we go to? To Print out the 10 bucks off at Help!
  11. What are the best and safe ways to make 150ft rope lights Dimm up and down. And how Can i make 150 ft rope lights Chasing I have a lot 18ft chasing.
  12. Columbus Ohio stores will take off 20 to 25% off the price Good to Sunday 18th Oct. Must have your Ohio light them Up Shirts On ! Or you will pay full price.
  13. We plan put it up 80 ft. up in the air. we had a 9 ft. up there last year. We also have it on a Ham radio tower. We have made a lock down plate for the top of tower. I all ready have over 90hr's in this year display. And 6 more weeks to go. Hope all the hard work will pay off
  14. We are looking to buy more Sunbeam LED Lights In great working cond.
  15. I like to see if any in the Ohio Group. Wants get together before the End of Oct. I am sure many new people just starting into LOR Displays. I'm also one of them to. Need all the Help with LOR Setups. And What to do and Not to do with LOR. I hope to hear some feed back from the Ohio Group.. Mark
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