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  1. What wire should I use when I decide to do the mod? And did you solder or did you wrap the two together and put electrical tape over it?
  2. How long is your added antenna and what wire did you use? Also, what are you using to power the FM transmitter? Are you using some sort of adapter or are you using batteries? Thanks.
  3. Ok, I will post a photo of my display tomorrow. My house is not that big, but so far it has over 2500 lights. And I plan to add 1500 more lights when I have the time. School is busy right now. Thanks!
  4. Ok, thanks for your input. I plan on buying a used Belkin II Transmitter and modifying it to reach a longer distance...
  5. Hello Everyone, I was just wondering what your guys' take on a radio station for a static display? I just thought if people wanted to sit by and look at the lights for a minute or two they could listen to some Christmas music as well. The radio station would just have different types of Christmas music all in a loop. I would change the songs that would play every so often too. Let me know what you guys think...
  6. Is this what you were looking for? http://www.christmasdisplays.net/fmtransmitter.php Hope I Helped.
  7. So, with a static display would white icicles and multi-color LED's on the eaves-troughs look fine?
  8. Well the Refurbished one's from the Apple site are $1049.99 US plus taxes, but I have maxed out the RAM to 4 GB. It comes with all original boxes and discs as well. It has 8.5 months of warranty on it and absolutely nothing is wrong with it. I will consider every reasonable offer. Thanks.
  9. Hello Everyone, I know this is a Christmas forum, but I am offering a 2.4 GHz, mint condition MacBook for sale. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this item and I am selling it because I no longer need it. Specs: -2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor -4 GB RAM -160 GB Hard Drive -Intel GMA X3100 Graphics Make me an offer if interested.
  10. Anybody have any ideas on what else to add to this display? So far, I am adding 5 mini trees, an air-blown, 3 blow-molds and a north pole. Can anybody else give me some ideas? Thanks.
  11. Hello Everyone, I was just wondering what you guys think of my display so far? I only have been putting up lights for one day now. Thanks.
  12. But the only difference is, is that I have a static display...
  13. Hello Everyone, I was just wondering if multicolor LED's, along with non-LED white icicles on my eavestroughs would look any good. Thanks for your advice in advance.
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