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    I am married with two grown daughters, one step daughter and one stepson.
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    Our ultimate goal is to make our house look like a fairy tale gingerbread house. We appreciate other elaborate holiday light displays but want to keep ours fairly simple.
  1. Thank you everyone for your tips. I think my husband has it figured out. He is using a combination of several of your ideas. We still have more lights coming Monday and he is planning on doing the roofline then. I'll post pictures and let you know how he did it if it works.
  2. Thanks so much for your responses. We never considered rattling on the roof! That's huge! We are considering my husband tying himself off and clipping the light strand to the shingle caps with binder clips. He was trying to devise a way where he wouldn't have to be up there very long because it's sooo steep! I'm attaching a photo of the house as well as a photo of last years lights. Since I'm new to this forum stuff hopefully I can get the attachments to work.
  3. We have a two story house with a very steep pitched roof. We would like to run lights horizontally across the peak of the roof. Our roof is composite shingles. We already have the idea to use either pvc pipe or the vinyl lattice track to house the light strips. Our dilemma is how do we attach the track of lights to the roof peak? We live in a high wind area so it will need to be secured in some way.
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