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  1. Thanks so much for the info!!! I'll upgrade tonight
  2. Hello, I'm still running version 1.6.9. I'm thinking about upgrading to the the S2 software suite for the 2009 season. For those running it... are you happy with it? Have you run into any problems? Did your sequences from a prior version import correctly to the S2 package? Thanks, Anthony
  3. Last year (2008) was my first year and I started with 64. I was going to add another 64 this year, but $$$ is tight right now. 128 will give me exactly what I need for the design I've planned... I guess I'll work up to it between this year & next (unless I win the lotto )
  4. Ran my first LOR test this weekend with success. I have most of the light up on the house. I connected my controllers (64 channels), and things are working as planned so far . It was such a pleasure to see the lights going with the music... it really gave me a much needed boost. After thanksgiving I'll move on to the lawn items...
  5. This is my first year with LOR too... I'm not overwhelmed yet, but I'm sure I will be after this weekend, lol. I have the lights on my house up, this weekend I plan on connecting the LOR units and see how my sequencing looks... yiks!!! After Thanksgiving I'll get my decoations out on the lawn... I can only imagine what my sequencing looks like... sheesh!!! I'm prepared the spend the month of December on my lawn fixing the sequencing I've already done and hopefully get a few more songs done... your not alone my friend... I'm treating this first year with LOR as a trial year and an initial setup year... next year I'll start building up again. Just have fun with it
  6. What are they made out of? How thick are they? I'm not sure of this is an option or not, but here is what I did... I made mine out of 1" PVC and reinforced them from the inside with electrical conduit. I bought the conduit from home depot in 8ft or 10ft lengths (I’m not sure what length they come in), and cut them in half. I'll have to check the diameter to. I then hammered aluminum tube in the ground about 2ft down. The aluminum tube I used was from an old pool baby gate, they are a little over 4ft tall and slide snugly in 1" pvc (it was a perfect find). Then, I assembled the pvc arch over the driveway. Once the arch was up I was able to bend the electrical conduit the match the curve of the arch. I then disconnected sections of the pvc, slid the electrical conduit in and attached the pvc together again over the conduit. I basically placed a section of electrical conduit where ever I used a coupling, and try to position the middle of the conduit at the coupling. My driveway is about 18ft wide. Your driveway is allot wider, so you may not want to cut the electrical conduit to give the pvc more stability. I'll post pics after I put them up next week... My archs do sway back and forth, but do not twist, buckle or cave in... That's just a quick summary, but I'd be happy to answer any questions.
  7. I used them as well and was very happy with their service
  8. hehehe... I can't wait!!! I'm doing the roof this weekend, the face of the house & shrubs next weekend, then thanksgiving weekend I'll get the lawn items out. I'm ready to see my first year of LOR animating come to life ... or crash & burn .
  9. Hello Floridans!!! I'm in Coral Springs. I've only been seriously decorating for 4 years and up until this year it's been a static display. This will be my first year with LOR and I'm very excitied! Our display is approx 20,000 lights with wire frames, but this year I'm scaling down to regroup with LOR. Next year I'll start building up again . Can't wait to drive around with the family to see some displays... Ant
  10. Here is my sign... It is backlit. We may change the candy cane stand a bit...
  11. I've read some people keep their controllers in the house and run extension cords out to the lights. Some people put the controllers outside on the lawn near their displays to cut down on extension cords... I'm curious as to what you put the controllers in? I'm a little worried about theft, but I'm more concerned about the weather. I'm using LOR btw...
  12. great prices... I was looking for green ones today too.
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