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  1. Woodchip

    mini trees

    fitzer wrote: If you've got any problems feel free to PM me. (I did rob the idea from here somewhere, but can't remember who though).
  2. Woodchip

    mini trees

    Hi fitzer, Check out the link in my signature then head to the How 2 section for how I will be making mine.
  3. Give it a month. If it still feels wrong then ask for the change. However Lights, lights, lights should go back to the top (IMO).
  4. Ordered mine from Bronners on Sunday (along with 100+ boxes of lights). Delivery expected today (which is prettygood considering my location).
  5. I got a little bored last night waiting for "Reaper" to start,so made a scale(ish) model of my front garden and added the mini-trees, North Poles, candles and leaping arch. OK, minor correction... I was VERY bored. Looks good though. I may post a picture this evening. EDIT: I kinda side-tracked myself there... As has been said, post a picture of your house, and let us know what you got and then people can brainstorm and help you out. Often my brain just needs a little input from someone else when I'm stuck before it chugs along with plenty of output.
  6. Joe Petrowski wrote: In which case hiring a star cloth/curtain is probably your best bet. Careful how you fold them though.
  7. Can't you just hire a star curtain from your local theatre hire-stock company? I presume the show has a budget that would allow for this. If not... Go to you local theatre and ask if they have any old "tat" (tat is basically old back curtain)that you can take. Sew together if necessary (depending on the size of the tat you get. Install mini-lights by making a small hole and using Gaffa Tape to hold them in place. Use your LOR boardto create the twinkle effect (long Cat. 5 from lighting box over existing lighting bars to LOR unit mounted in the flys connected to the lights.
  8. Dale W wrote: I'm not the only one to use a concrete tire then. :)Mine were frommy sister'sold car (car vs armoured vehicle - car won - armoured vehicle on side). We cut some 12mm (1/2" plywood) to fit in the bottom of the tire (with it laid on it's side). Put some 2x2 timber in the centre and poured a load of conrete in the centre. From memory they weigh about 70kg (140+ lbs) so they don't go very far. We made two of these and placed them on top of each other and used a scaffold pole for the centre pole of our 12" tree. Stayed up in our blustery conditions for the entire season. I'll
  9. Woodchip


    tfischer wrote: If your power is at 60Hz, and UK power is at 50Hz will this cause me problems using LOR at 120v in the UK?
  10. scoobie wrote: Bought mine from bronners. They were $8 a box of 100ct. Carriage is $208. Still waiting to find out how much I get stung on import tax... I'll let you know when I'm told.
  11. DarrenJeffries wrote: You're completely right. It was a typo. Sorry. I was concentrating on work at the time (shock-horror).
  12. I'll have to concur with Darren on this. Use regular incandescent minis for the time being, and look to convert to LEDs in the next 3-5 years (when the prices should have come down). Buy all your lights from overseas. I've just bought 108 boxes for £1100 (about £600) You'd never get a price anywhere near that in this country. Also don't buy the proper step-down transformers. Buy some 5kVa site transformers from www.screwfix.co.uk or www.tlc-direct.co.uk. They are about £50 compared to £130 for the proper ones.
  13. My plans are so Top Secret even I don't know what I'm doing for 2008.
  14. TED wrote: A large order of mini-lights (108 boxes). There shipping fees are very reasonable though (a large selling point when it has to go a few thousand miles). At $8 a box that works out a £4.20 compared to £10-15 for British lights which require a transformer (therefore not dimmable). I'm really not arguing very much.
  15. Jdwagner888 wrote: My other forum uses yellow, orangeand red cards. Yellow = thread creation rights removed. Orange = Thread creation rights removed and you can only posted once every hour. Red = Straight ban, periods vary from 3 days to indefinite. Might have to add this to the How to Improve PC section...
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