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  1. Hello fellow Gopher State decorators, Here is the annual heads up on the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train and the link to the specifed schedule. i believe they are in our area from Dec. 10 - 14. Consult the Schedule. If you have never seen it, you should check it out! http://www.cpr.ca/en/in-your-community/holiday-train/schedule/Pages/us.aspx
  2. I have the feeling tonite may be it for my display, about a week early. Sustained some wind damage to a couple of areas today with that strong south wind. Alway have strong west and east winds that I prepare for...South? who knew? Deer on the Roof came down today with a line of C7s and two lines of icycles with it. One of my motorized wireframes, my manger and a front area of molds took some damage. Put most of it back in place this afternoon, but the icycles and manger are toast. I will contact the Limo shops tomorrow and tell them I'm done for the season. No harm done, just put it awa
  3. I also got on the Pioneer Press, with a letter to the editor last week and got no reply what so ever. I can not recall them not running a list of Holiday lights and wonder why they chose to do so now? Green, schmeen! I guess if they choose not to support my hobby, I can chose to no longer read their newspaper. Seems fair to me.
  4. Hello my Fellow Minnesotans, It is once again my pleasure to remind you about the Christmas train coming thru our neck of the woods, this week end. No stop in St Paul due to the light rail project. Here is the hook up... http://www.cpr.ca/en/IN-YOUR-COMMUNITY/HOLIDAY-TRAIN/Pages/default.aspx Enjoy, Lee
  5. Thanks Bill, We may take you up on that...Put out a small manger dispay on Friday nite...They Stole Baby Jesus that nite! Never fails... Are You done setting Up? Hope to be totally done Saturday Nite. Lee
  6. Started putting the outline lites up today for the roof...Hope to have the rest of the C7's and Icycle lights done by tomorrow. Normally would have been done in one day but had to get the boat out of the garage first this morning and take down the rest of the Halloween display. Great day, even with the wind.
  7. Yes Tim, I have felt your pain, when the Show doesn't go on like it should...Just last year electrical issues shut me down two nights before Christmas for the season. Chuck (C.J.) and others...This has been one for the P.I.A. meter! I'm still lit, although still buried! Thanks to Bob my electrician who found 60 more amps on my board that were borrowed from places not being used and 16 new outside outlets. We have learned to cover our 3, 4 and 5 way plugs in plastic boxes from watching and listening to all of you at the minis' and all of a sudden... Power, that "Knock on Wood" will stay li
  8. Chuck sorry to hear about your display being shut down...We were sure looking forward to driving by again this year. I'm thinking pickle buckets? if I can get them on Pickle buckets!?! lol I did turn on tonite though no lights on the big tree this year! Was going to do that Saturday, Until storm appeared. Twinkle lights are great under 3 ft of snow...Just need mirrors to show them! lol
  9. Yes, I know the house you are asking about. It was on Gall St In Maplewood just off McKnight Rd. He had it located on the east side of the driveway with a town sign. I'm not sure if they are still decorating or not. As for the West St Paul contest, I'm not sure if they are still doing that or not. Many municpalities have curtailed the contests because of the budget shortfalls, but there are some well deocrated homes in the West St Paul, South St Paul vicinity. It is one of my favorite places to dead head and find new displays.
  10. What display?....I put two layers of 2X4 under my molds so they won't freeze in any more; and then at least 16" of snow drift over my display. I'll take pictures in the morning, but my Chilli willies only have the white ball on top sticking out of the snow, my ginger bread men and lolly pops need a St Bernard rescue dog. They are missing. The Choir is set they were 3 ft above the ground on risers. My C9s on the top of the roof are gone under a wall of snow....Holy Cow; I'm going to need a portable snow brush or something to dig this out. May have to put the ginger bread men on pickle buc
  11. My first blow mold that I purchased, was a Grand Venture sleigh and deer from Bill Weis in November of 2007. And between him and Chuck Forkner, I've learned a lot about molds. Still have the set in the box. I originally received 9 molds from a neighbor who said my young display, needed some character. I'm over 200 molds in my collection now.
  12. It is that time of year agan and the CP train will be making stops to raise food and money for local food shelves. Rather than posting all the stops and dates here is a link with pictures and other info including some of the performers, who do over 60 stops while raising awareness and bring good cheer. December 10 -14 for the MInnesota area, with December 11, the east Twin cities stops. http://www8.cpr.ca/cms/English/General+Public/Holiday+Train/Schedules/default.htm
  13. Spent the day trying to save my 35' plus, pine trees...This stuff is extremely wet and is weighting down the branches, similar to an Ice storm. We lost one of the trees in the back yard already. Used the roof rake to knock as much of that slush/snow off as possible...Lots of trees down on the east side of town, Minnehaha and Stillwater Rd areas; that area has already lost many from that storm a couple of summers ago...Can't get much done today...Just hope to be able to get stakes in the ground where we want our molds to go, tomorrow!
  14. They took the Mall of America Name and $$$$$, 30 seconds after the Twins left the building...They may still used HHH but it didnt say that on my info for my gig on saturday. If I was wrong I, which I probably am I'll type it correctly next time...
  15. I also hope to be there, although I will be a late arriver...Probably 2:30 to 3:00PM I have a performance @ the Mall of America Metrodome @ 1:15pm. Any other molders out there attending?
  16. Bill, Now that you mentioned this, your right...I haven't seen anymolds at all. Even in the outstate stores...I've been busy buying Nascar stuff for my Fantasy League Banquet, and of course I have to drag Mary to the Christmas area to snoop and buy.
  17. Hi Folks, Today, was to forget about what is left in the yard, and find some place to put it. With a vaulted ceiling in our home and a split level storage area in the garage, we built a second storage level with shelving in the garage attic, and created more room for more Blowmolds. That my friends is a win-win! My choir comes out of the drifts tomorrow; alas, five of my soldiers are still hip deep in snow & ice, along with a half mile of extension chords till we get a Major thaw.
  18. Did any one else take advantage off todays warm up, to get in the yard and tear down...We got nearly 80% of the display down today and hope to get more done tomorrow before the game. Got some molds frozen in even after placeing them on 2x4 planks, but much easier than last years ice jams.
  19. Happy Belated B-Day...May your New Year be Grand.
  20. The electrician was a magician and lites are back on and a 100 amp board is comming this spring. These guys are amazing...What a roller coaster...Now we just have to get thru tonite...
  21. Now that expains somethings to me...It was two right on top of one another... but when I replaced them still nothing . I'll hope it's nothing too bad but it does push me for a new board just for the display...I dragged my feet and pocket book...Looks like there won't be any more dragging...
  22. When I added the timers to the electrical I fried two 20 amp breakers, there are no fuses so I don't know what you call them, but they are on the house board... I spoke with an electrician tonite and he thinks he knows what the issue is. I tried to replace the 20 amp breakers and no go...the breakers would'nt reset and no power to those areas that they service...my display is static, so you know that the drain is there all the time...the timers are old and I don't know if the extra drain came from there or what? It ran fine for Three weeks with out a problem till today...I'll find out t
  23. Woke up sick today...then it got worse. 4:00pm comes and only 3/4 of display lights up... Went thru check list and things begin to get more serious...Two amp breakers not responding on board. Tried replacing no response... Major issues 5 days before Christmas. Display may be done for the season...need licensed electrican for this $$$$ Bummer! No joy in Northern lights land tonite...
  24. This was the toughest early storm we have had here since the Halloween storms a decade or two ago...Had some issues with molds moving and my palm atree took a hit but is back in business... I have some cleaning up to do tomorrow night with lights on the 35' pine in the front yard but got thru it pretty good. Sorry for others who didn't...
  25. Something that has worked well for me, was learned from our computer generated displays. I kept seeing these plastic cases for their electrical wiring equipment and have incorporated that into my static display...Guess what? No more shorting out and fuse issues...I bought about 6 or 7 .88 cent plastic cases from Home depot and cut holes in the top of the ends on top of both sides big enough for my chords and wiring and put my 5 ways and strips in there. Stick a brick on it and minimal snow and many less head aches. It actually looks cleaner too. I've got 60 molds and wire frames and some
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