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  1. I am down in South Carolina, and there are no green LED's to be had here either. I have checked multiple Lowes, Home Depot, Wal Mart, Target, Kmart, Big Lots, Dollar Stores, ECT!!!! I found 5 strings at Hobby Lobby, and that was all they had and they said they don't know if they are getting anymore. I am starting to get worried, I need some more. Guess I will have to order them online. What gives??? You would think that with red and green being the colors of the season this would not be a problem?........
  2. I am hoping to go to the Carolina mini, and hoping to make the social as well this time. Just depends on the same old two things--Time and money:p
  3. I had a great time at the Mini yesterday. I got home about 11:45 last night--man I was tired. It was great meeting everyone and putting faces to names. Thanks to Michelle and her family for a great time!!!--and also for being the middle man for me and Jen's blowmolds:D. It was also glad to meet those from the History club--looking forward to future meetings and hopefully being able to go to the Carolina Mini.!! Andy
  4. LOL, no I think my wife would kick my $ss if I did that but I will keep an eye out for your update!!!
  5. Yep, I have been to that place in Pidgeon Forge. Beautiful country up that way!!!!
  6. Chuck, I read that the "stimulus" checks from Uncle Sam (really just some of our money we already paid) are going to start going out next week. You should wait till folks have them in hand before updating the site -- May get some more sales that way. (especially from me:D ) The downturn in construction has really slowed our business down, where I used to get 70 or 80 hours a week easily I am lucky now to scrape out 40 or 45. (I repair and service heavy equipment in the field) Anyway, just a thought. Thanks again for all the great molds I have got from you!!! Andy
  7. Chuck, I am very sorry to hear this, but I hope all works out the best for you and yours. It has been a real pleasure buying blowmolds from you. Sincerely, Andy
  8. I can't remember who needed them (forgive me, I am terrrible with names and can't find the PM) But I will have 3 welding helmets (2 auto dark and one old school) and one flat hand held shield for you tommorrow for your demonstration. Andy
  9. Sorry I'll be missing the Friday Social But I have to work on a few job sites this afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!!! I'll be bringing some mini lights to sell/trade if anyone is interested. I am going to go LED this year -- Cheaper than getting a power upgrade. I have some new and some lightly used, about two plastic tote boxes worth. I will also be bringing my 60 amp capable lights and sounds of Christmas box if anyone wants to look at it to copy the hardware hack. See Ya'll Tommorrow!!! Andy
  10. And greetings from as far west as you can go without going into Georgia. Hope to see ya'll at the GA mini tommorrow!!
  11. Now that is the best idea I have heard yet!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Very cool!!!! I just don't think I could spend that much money on it right now. I wish I could, It would not be too far to go pick up!!
  13. I have used sharpie markers to color the buttons back up on a snowman blowmold. It held up quite well out in the weather.
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