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  1. Jen My pic...well actually the "sellers" pick. I bought these off of craigslist....people were moving and responded to my ad. The lot cost 40.00 FYI: two of the palace guards were stoled during Christmas display 2005. Rod
  2. The Jeepers Creepers dude is fantastic....is it a static prop?
  3. Mark Sloat wrote: Mark once again we are humbled by your work. AWESOME crypt. ps: your site looks great
  4. Hey Mark Thanks for sharing the pics with us. Man I am envious. Maybe next year.
  5. lakeside has them as well: http://www.lakeside.com/details.asp?ITN=LPD1&CAT=0&KWD=shamrock&ST=&GB=817155021 4.95 each
  6. good job for the heads up...I've been kicking it around a bit.....in the back of my head I say.."is my prop worthy enough".
  7. as an avid strobe user (hehehehe)..thanks to all of these pioneers for helping to find a solution.
  8. picked one up this year...cool little guy.
  9. I have one available. NOS-never displayed. Has small spot of black paint on his chin (from factory)..otherwise just some scuffs from the sales floor.
  10. I use Darryl's strobes and love them. Have about 20 or so...will be doubling (at least) by Halloween 2006 darrylb wrote:
  11. nice job Joe Still haven't done anything for v-day yet.
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