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    been doing Christmas display for a long time my old house had 100k lights been on the tv and newspaper..moved to the city now trying to get back to a nomal size display!!!...not enought parking and power to go too big..plus now I have neighbors
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    Christmas display and helloween
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    just an plain home display but more than the neightbohood..once I get some more power watch out...also do hays around the neightbohood it has about 3k lights per tram

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  1. 216 lights per string which is 18ft long x 500 =108k
  2. oh I will have 500 boxes of rope lights added this years..which are all new and the trash guys are wondowing what with all these boxes lol
  3. not sure what you calling pigging back...with my GE sounds and lights I have got 6 outlets...off each of them I might up to 3 drop cords run to one cord then to each outlets..
  4. I use the GE sound and lights and have been for many years and PUSH it too the max...the only thing I have done to mine is a bigger fuse...This year I'm doing all rope lights so far 500 boxes..my house is done and it has two sounds and lights boxes on it with a 100 boxes of clear on one and a 100 boxes of red on the other..I thing it look bad lol
  5. Rope lights does count this coming from this years rope light king lol. My hayride had over 8600 lights and my yard 28000...oh and I think spot lights should only be one count per light...Merry Christmas everyone
  6. I have 2 one new one..but last year I bought the buzz box and it has paid for itself the first year never will you the light pro again..
  7. the buzz box...bought mine on line last year and it paid for itseft already. Sorry dont remeber where but its $80,00
  8. Ginger..yes I use the 6 channels...I just go left to right or right to left..oh and I use dif color per channel...on my rope lights..#1 green #2 red #3 Blue #4green #5 red and #6 blue..Hope thats what you wanted...On my stings lights use the color lights the same way. I also use a Mr Christmas on about 96 diff size trees all arange from tall to small in 12 rows and they go from left to right. Look very cool when I have them in my front yard. Also on my 96 tree set I tie #1 and #7 together #2 and # 8 and so on and so on. good luck
  9. I dont have a mega tree but the closes to what I have is about 18ft tall using rode lights on one and another string light on another. All I do is use the front side of the tree with the strings/rode running up and down. Hope this helps...oh and use one Mr Christmas per tree
  10. watch out for the wind...I use the smaller one and have it off the ground about 15ft and it get blow hard at doing the wind
  11. on my hay ride I use 1 Mr Christmas last year with over 10,000 lights on it. In my yard display I use 3 Mr Christmas for my roof and 2 arears in my yard. All I did was had them hook to a timer they arent sync but very close. And I turn the sound off the other 2 so unless you sit long enought you never know.The rest all use around my yard but only 1 other one with the sound on.
  12. maybe but I use 8 Mr Christmas all with the bigger fuse for the last 3yrs never a problem.Just saying it may not be safe..its like using a inside cord outside
  13. if you replace the fuse you can go more...I'm not saying that safe but that what I do
  14. yep same as flaloop got mine from there too...order Monday afternoon and here by Wed afternoon....fix a ton of net lights so far and already paid for itself
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