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  1. Hello Everyone, Since moving into my current neighborhood 10 years ago, I've always had the biggest light display. Currently I've got about 10,000 lights-100%-multi and about 9 blowmolds. Every year the display has grown, and I've never had anyone out do me. This will probably be my last year doing a huge display for a while, and for once in my life, I'd like to do it with a little bit of class-ALL WHITE LIGHTS. The problem? There are so many people in my neighborhood who have told me over the years how much my lights mean to their kids, and I'm scared that I could really disappoint some kids during Christmas. Anyone ever done anything like this before? Reactions?
  2. It's great to see other active hams in the forum, especially CW operators. Hope to hear your signal here in Canada some time. 73 de VO1HAX

  3. This summer I was stupid enough to have Gutter Guard put on my higher gutters... Anyone got any idea's on how I can put lights up?
  4. I would bet there's been 100's of questions posted on how to build a wireframe. But I would bet there are not a lot of people who want to do there's as a combine (Harvesting Farm Eqtmnt). Anyone know where to start?
  5. He lived off Coleman Road
  6. There was a piece in the 96 blowmolds on ebay I fell in love with. A Mr. and Mrs. Santa standing back to back. Anyone know where I can find one? (I ran an ebay serch, no luck )
  7. It was down the road from the Roswell Noth Elementary school and the park. and for every one who said "Aliens" my reply Roswell GA!
  8. Ham radio op


    There used to be a guy in Roswell that filled his entire yard with blowmolds. He stopped doing it about 7 or 8 years ago, any one know what ever happened to him?
  9. Hello Everyone, I just got Gutter Guard, and realized, how the heck am I going to do my Lights on the gutters? I don't have Gutter Guard on the gutters 15' above my house, but the ones on the upper part of my house 22' do have gutter guard, I really don't know what I will do! In the past I have used the Telescoping Pole, and the light clips, but I can't do that this year. What has worked for you? I don't have a fear of heights, but don't care to go all the way up 22' on my ladder, I only have a 17' little giant.
  10. Thats what I like about GA. With our recent copy of TX's law, we have the right to shoot any one on the property who is tresspassing. If anyone tried to mess with my display (and belive me, I have had some AWFUL neighbors who have grown sons (mid 20's) who never have grown up. They have done things to my display before (my lights in my light tree were pulled out obvious by a human and the had a party the night before). They did anything, I would just bring my hunting rifle out and talk a little "sense" and educate the new law to them.
  11. Does anyone ever use thoes "clip on" instant plugs for making your own cords? *note the plugs I am talking about, you canplace any were on the cord.
  12. These are thoes little brown cords they sell all year long. I know they say "indoor" but does anyone use them out door and had good luck with them?
  13. Well.... The story begins when I was driving through my neighborhood one morning before the trash truck came through and noticed that a guy up the street was throwing away 2 100' extension cords! The catch... they both had the ends choped off but the ends were lying right next to the cords.... in to the car they went. I arrived home that night and noticed one was a brand new 100' cord, the other a Heavy duty, high amp cord. Both ends were put back on and now I use them in the display. Today we had some bad rain and my timmer triped... I figgured it was this cord due to the fact it gave me problems last night. Sure enough, plugged it into the outlet, (I tripped) the breaker. Now it's time to troubleshoot. I am not sure if it's the cord, or something else... I don't think its my 3 pronged 3 outlet 8' cord that I use as my main "contol point" for that part of the house but I dunno. I once was able to single it down to a set of lights I had, but I don't think I will get as lucky this time.
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