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    When I was a kid, the first time I can remember going to church on Christmas Eve. Then getting Ice Cream and driving around looking at Christmas light.
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    Lathrop, CA
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    Married forever. Have 3 kids Vladimir born 1/14/2003, the twins, Magnus and Calypso were born on the 4th of july 2008. Went to BYU, UCLA, UCSC and never received a degree. LOVE techno music!
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    My display is small compared to the rest of the community. I live in an new house and I am ready to bust out some madness!!
  1. This is our brand spanking new mix for the new year! Hope you enjoy the mix! The Clock tower effects were created with LightShow Pro! www.lightshowpro.com
  2. This is our New Year's Mix! It contain 4 songs: Pompeii- Bastille Siren- Kat Krazy Orion-Shy Kidx Crystallize- Lindsey Stirling
  3. This is our brand spanking new mix for the new year! Hope you enjoy the mix! The Clock tower effects were created with LightShow Pro! www.lightshowpro.com
  4. LOL! I def am! And proud of it! Otherwise I am the "lights on the farm" when they charge you $10 to drive though and you listen to music and see a bunch of lights that randomly twinkle.... But the people that like my show know this. If they want the touchy feely old time Christmas Songs, go to the house down the road. If they want the new wave/age/techno/rave/debstup christmas mixes crazy 25 foot Big Ben Clock Tower that will give them seizures, come here! I get may 5-10 cars a night. Fine with me, my kids help me pick the music and they def have daddy's tastes (which kills my wife, lol). No
  5. Well, after a crappy year we managed to get a Halloween Show off the ground. It won't win any Tony Awards, but I was fortunate enough to have two small interested parties in performing on Halloween night! Two of the cutest actors of all time! And that made it all worth while!! Hope you enjoy it!
  6. Hello! I used 8 fog machines (the cheap $20 from Spirit) They worked well. (all purchsed in 2009 and they all still work!!) http://youtu.be/Rp4BGHTn3bQ?t=3m53s I used the 120V relay for each fogger that was plugged into a LOR channel. And here is the PC thread from a long time ago with the troubleshooting.
  7. Hello! I was wondering what everyone uses to light their blowmolds. I have several blowmolds that take regular incandescent bulbs, but my home depot and target stopped carrying them. Is there a good place for dimmable LED replacements? If it was a C9 or C7 I would be good to go. But the bigger bulbs are tougher and $30/bulb at home depot for a dimmable substitute it a little high..... Thank you Eric
  8. As far as I know Jim at Sandevices never had a chance to check out the Galaxia Lights and controller. Which firmware are you running with Galaxia? I know that you could trigger specific patterns using LOR. I used it for halloween in 2010.
  9. KING DIAMOND! WOW! I had them on LP before my parents took it away. They "supposedly" had a song that if you played backward at 3am it could summon the devil or something (hey, I was young). Yeah well mom was very upset and out with the king diamond! So old now I couldn't name one song. Nightwish has some good stuff, very operatic. Go with the first singer, not the second. The album Century Child has some good halloween-esq songs.
  10. Slow your roll! Jim has a new controller! It appears to be a mini, but I like it! Just thought I would throw that out there!
  11. Saw your PM and before I amswer that, I need to add one more bit. As much I love my SanDevices controllers, before you take the plunge, have you asked the same question over at doityourselfchristmas.com? I only ask because fasteddy is right, most of us are giving you our opinion based on our experience and a lot of us have only used one brand. But like the purchasing of a car, you can ask someone all day long "do you like your car you just bought?" in the end they have no other new cars to compare it to, and a 10 minute test drive doesn't help much. All you have is their opinion. Then you
  12. Welcome to the madness....I mean club!
  13. I do not know channel wise, but information wise, S3 runs into problems saving the slightest change after a files size of 900MB. After that it will give you an error. Now in some cases it says it couldn't save the file, but in reality is saved "something" to the temp user folder. I ended up using that temp file many times (sometimes after doing too much work at a time) and while I cannot possible verify all channels and effects, it "looked" good and when played. Now you can change LOR to use more memory (up to 4GB) but at 1.5GB I started running into the same errors. Funny, the same 1.5GB
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