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    I am COOL! And I really like to decorate in the Cool Weather for Christmas. I have a fairly large Halloween display and a Christmas Display that is double my Halloween one.

    Happy Holidays :)
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    Collecting things such as coins and Airblown Inflatables and Video Production
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  1. You make an A$$ (word from the Bible) out of You and Uma Thurman??
  2. If you were buying from a Store online, you would have to pay in advance before they ship the product, this is the same practice that a Mold seller is doing for you and how anything purchased online is carried out. A seller can't trust that he can ship you something in advance and have trust that you will ship it back to him, it could get damaged in the mail. You may not have done the damaging, but how is the seller going to resell it if you don't like it and he gets it back with a huge crack in it?) There were at one point a lot of reputable users who would sell things they didn't need, or picked up at yard sales for resell. If you pay with Paypal or Check to where there is a paper trail, and then get a Tracking number for your item, you should be in good shape buying online.
  3. You participated last year in Chicago and brought a pretty good gift.... Cat5 cable, which Tim F stole from me.... I say bring the same thing in the same box and I will pick it last
  4. The ONLY Place you will get a Meet N Greet like in Chicago over free adult drinks with the entire group this year will be at ICE in Indy July 8-10 Have fun with your Ice Cream and Pop socials, Money well spent!
  5. I would possibly be interested in some BlowMolds! You have plans to be in NC anytime before November??
  6. The guy I know from NC gets his shipments from the Tarboro plant!!
  7. The guy I am thinking about doesn't sell anymore except for special orders if others want to go in on a truck load. Idk maybe he had the inside info to give out with no worry of getting in trouble...
  8. Are you sure?? Because in your first post you said these are some ugly blowmolds.... Sounded like a general statement about their look from the Un-lit pic
  9. I'm sure people of the African American ethnicity think the molds are nice looking!! Jus sayin
  10. Brad knows the same guy that I do from NC and I had heard rumors, but I guess Brad talked to him more recently than I...
  11. I saw this it is really pretty cool some people had it on at work today monitoring. Looks like they may not hatch till tomorrow.
  13. Some people just don't like or agree with the power that some people in charge claim to have, it is what has run a lot of people away from PC!
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