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  1. By the way I have my list from several years of the card exchange if anyone would like it feel free to send me a email at twindaddy2003x2 at yahoo.com
  2. Yeah we always enjoy getting cards from all over and sending cards to many of the people we only interact with here.
  3. Yes this is the reason I was coming back to see if the list had been sent out yet. Cards have been bought and signed now just waiting for the addresses to send them to.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Not a momma either but I can tell you that we had twins delivered in July of 03 and they were preemies and they stayed 55 days in the hospital which made it the first part of September or so when they got out of the hospital and me and my wife still put on a display at our church. We were told we would have plenty of help but as always it ended up just being me and her there for many, many, many hours. As someone said above kids can be a excuse for anything. If you planned on adding things and everything is good to go with baby and you just go for it!
  5. Yep was def awesome for the cats to win #8. Hoping for 9 this year:)
  6. From what I understand its still there right off of exit number 1 I think. Place is pretty expensive though......
  7. Ok, let me resurrect this thread and see how many enjoyed this mini and if any would be interested in trying to bring our wonderful state of Kentucky back from the dead as far as lighting displays are concerned. Just moved back myself and would love to look at the possibility of doing a mini sometime next Summer.
  8. From what I hear they already had a mini here I just was not moved back for it yet. Have to get things more interesting in here.
  9. Ok, everyone I am just wondering why it seems this forum is so slow? I hung out primarily in the Florida section the last 3.5 years because we moved there for a bit and it seemed like there was always something going on there. I know there are decorators around Kentucky lets get this place hopping and more interesting.
  10. Having just moved back to Kentucky looking to see who all will be doing a display this year and where you are located. Hoping to be able to throw something together this year out of what I have left and a few new things. I am in the Lexington area and hoping to be able to make it to several of the Kentucky displays this season. Seems like the Kentucky forum board is kinda slow lets get things popping in here:)
  11. Thanks Luke. Not sure how big this years display will be at my place but hoping to be back to normal next year.
  12. Well hoping for a better year this year. Moved back to Kentucky and lets hope they enjoy the show more the the vandals in Florida.
  13. Looks very nice might be in the plans for next year. Would only need 1 for the size of my house.
  14. Well since we are talking about NEXT lighting season if you think you could plan something to swing through the Lexington, Ky area that would be great.
  15. Enjoying that fall is almost here......

  16. I am blessed that my wife and kids just LOVE the display and as long as we can put on a display they are happy. My wife has helped out on the roof and also helped with extension cords and putting up the mega tree. My wife is not as big into how it all works but she helps as much as she can. Hoping to have a decent display this year after just moving back from Florida.
  17. Just wanted to say hello and see how everyone around the bluegrass is doing? Well we are in Nicholasville, Ky now and can't wait to see the displays that are within a couple hours driving distance. Hope everyones plans are starting to come together will not be long before its time to put things up!
  18. Just wonder if there is a update on the OP? Been out of work myself since first part of March. Hopefully things are starting to go better for everyone.
  19. That happened to me several years ago except mine was close to 5000 ft and it has stayed in a huge tub all tangled for several years. Maybe one day I will undo it. Even offered it for free to several pc people but they were not interested.
  20. 1 controller left based on rec payment for other one. Last remaining unit will go for 160 plus shipping.
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