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    Having our neighbor tell my wife how they bought their daughter a radio to listen to the music while watching the lights from her room
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    Pacifica, California, USA
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    Self Employed, Getting my family hooked on display as
    Xmas is favorite holiday, looking to add to display each year
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    Family. Golf. sports
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    26K Led's, wire-frames, inflatables
    10' mega tree, 4 arch's, 16 mini trees

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  1. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG... 2013 Edition, enjoy!
  2. dfuller

    Led Keeper?

    We had three strings in which half the string went out. We had just got the LED Keeper the day before so was curious how it would work, It took a total of 15-20 minutes to isolate and repair the three strings. Wish I would have had it last year when we had problems and took strings down off the house and strung new strings. Big pain
  3. We had switched from a DIY two years ago to the Eclipse 4000 I can say where we live and using the standard antenna we have broadcast up to .4 miles from our house here in Pacifica, CA. We have been extremely pleased with the MBB product and would recommend them, . Friends laugh when they tune the radio in and pick us up at the gas station which is 1/2 mile away its our joke to see how far you go before losing the signal. our two cents worth Dennis Pacifica, CA
  4. Going computerized was the best thing we did 4 years ago. Hope to add an additional 32 channels of LOR for next year and of course more lights. There is a lot of great advise on this site for which I must say THANKS to all. Definetly have a plan for your layout as mentioned, have a picture or drawing of your house, yard it definetly helped us. Extension cords where our problem having over 120, last year we went to SPT cable eliminating 1/2 this year we used an additional 3000 ft with vampire plugs its far eaiser and relatively cheap and you have the exact length for your cords (buy early thing
  5. Sorry to see we are not the only one with failures wish the quality was better. We had 2-100 ct 2-70 ct blue loose 1/2 the string out of approx 60-70 strings The rest have been OK should be careful saying that we are running thru Jan 1. All of our failures are from this years pre order. Still frustrating but I like the LED's over incandescent Hope everyone had a great xmas Dennis
  6. Was looking for new ideas and ran across these.We had four arch's in the display this year and everyone loved them. Unfortunately my wife looked in and asked how many more controllers do I need to do that when I said three she said I was sick. OK I said can we get them she left the room. Glad to see the rest of you are as sick as me. How many more days till the lights go on?
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