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  1. Quick answer, it all depends on the look you want.
  2. depends on what your trying to do
  3. I too suspect the rectifier. Most of my problems are the blue c6's from CDI....there again a manufacturing problem.....not a supplier problem. Anyway, been able to in some cases make 1 good string from 2.
  4. I have been using the 3 channel dmx modules that David at hoilday coro sells. Using an Enttec pro dongle. Been doing burn in testing since last month. The dmx stuff he sells is nothing you cant get from Ray Wu's store at aliexpress. David just buys in bulk from china and re-sells. Not a bad thing, just quicker thru David and his prices are very resasonable if you do the math when ordering from Ray. And David's support for his customers is top notch. There!!! Another plug for holiday coro.
  5. THere are 2 standards used. T568B and T568A. Both use the same cat 5 cable, just the pin out / colr code is different. Each standard has a straight thru and cross over. http://learn-networking.com/network-design/the-difference-between-straight-through-crossover-and-rollover-cables
  6. Rather than ordering the 3 channel DMX modules and LED modules from Ray in china, to speed things up, I ordered a small amount from David at Holiday Coro. Everything came in as ordered. I had a couple of minor issues on my end with getting things to work properly, but with the help of David and his excellent customer service, thru a couple of phone calls we got everything working as described. Most of the issues was having a clear understanding of the DMX stuff. Even after tons of reading and research before purchasing, I had a few bumps in the road.The software programmer for setting the DMX module addresess works like a champ, can' imagine having to do it any other way. The DMX modules and LED modules are excellent. Like I said taking baby steps at first to learn the DMX stuff. Thanks again David :) :). Great customer service :) :) Richard
  7. Put am O-scope on it and check the sine wine for trash. Iso transformer probably the simpliest way to clean it up
  8. That is called a motor generator set. It works very well for clean power. Used a lot in the earlier years. Some of the older drilling rig I worked on had them for clean power. Technology has changed a lot since then.
  9. Thanks, I guess I missed that in the beginning on the $1000 min
  10. Thanks for the reply Dennis, I knew a full wave bridge was needed, but the 3rd blob threw me for a loop. Do u have any details on the rebuilds. Thanks again, Richard
  11. Me too, I dont know why there is 3 blobs in the strings. Unless it is jsut a termination point for the wiring in the middle. Building full wave rect's is my plan when I get time.......not real high on the list at the moment, but something to experiment on.
  12. I took advantage of the 08 free replacments in 09. I have had 6 of the blue 50ct C6 strands die completely or 1/2 out. Mine have 3 blobs on them. Front,middle,end. Solid poured blobs. I was able to tear apart a middle blob to get some sort of idea what was in it. I know there is at least 1 diode and 3 resistors. Not sure if I damaged any other components while tearing apart. I was able to make 2 good strings out of 4 half out strings, due to either the first or last 25 LEDs being out. Process of elimination and roll of dice.
  13. Well this year I had 6 strings of C6 50ct blue LEDs fail either completely or 1/2 a string. They were 2009 strings, so got 2 years out of them. I was able make 2 good strings out of 4 ,1/2 good ones. Now after doing so, i noticed that these strings all have 3 blobs each. Front/middle /end. 3 wires, 2 of which pass AC thru to female end for end to end connections. The center wire attaches to the closest LED in the line. I made a attempt to tear apart the middle blob. I was able to see 3 resistors and a diode, but was not able disect it enoungh to determine the hook up, or if I damaged any other components in the process. So, I was wondering if anyone had any helpful info on how best to repair the remaining partial strings, and why is there 3 blobs. Thanks in advance.
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