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  1. I use the vast transmitter, google it. Great unit, does, rds, good range, and better sound then the china junk I first had
  2. All of my C9 retros came from reinders.com Good bulbs. I had 5 failures out of 450 bulbs. They have 5 leds in them.
  3. I am not looking for this year but rather planning for next year....
  4. Anyone make custom cut outs they sell? Looking for someone to make me a peanuts nativity set. Dustin
  5. I have 40 unopened 4 packs of clear incandescent I would sell
  6. I have a bunch of them left over from a few years ago, didn't do a show last year. many of the stakes are broken, is there a good way to put them up? Alternate stakes? Thanks Dustin
  7. What does everyone use? 5mm M6, C6, 50. 70, 100 count? I want to do 8 sections archs with the seleve method. Not sure what LEDS to order.
  8. Are your lights full wave dimable?
  9. How many channels do you use.? Iwant to put red white and blue lights. How many channels and how many lights per channel would give a nice tree?? Thanks Dustin
  10. What would be the cost for the who,e peanuts gang?
  11. Only when it is plugged in, one flash then it's done. If I unplug it and plug it back in it does it again. One flash then done.
  12. Half of the channels will flash when I plug in this unit, is that normal?
  13. I like the LEDS. I am also wanting to go bigger and I am limited with the electrical service I have.
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