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    I'm 24 and working as a baker at Calico Cupboard. So I'm always up at nights to see the lights!
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    its now my 5th year and i have 48 channels this year
  1. Dmagelssen I saw you had the man lift up this afternoon!!! that thing was huge!! looked like a blue spider climbing the tree! Its 27 degrees out!! i'm hoping to get some lights up tomorrow afternoon myself. Hows everyone else going?
  2. Dmagelssn that sounds awesome cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!! JeffRo weather permitting I know right! i did get rope lights up around my garage doors the other night. I've got to cut the grass too.. first thing on my list.. when every i get some dry weather for a min. still got to call the the local utility provider for marking under ground things before i drive in some huge rebars to mount the 31foot mast- mega tree. Don't even talk about sequencing... I do it after I get everything up and working. Fixing lights and things is in there too at some time lol. ok off to bed so i can start when I wa
  3. Hopefully this year we'll will have this again it should them all last year.
  4. Great sign! So how do you know when your addicted to your Christmas lights show?..... when you have to contact your Utility Locator Service! lol 31 foot mega tree....... well a boat mast is 31 feet tall. How its going up is the question.
  5. i drove home from work the other night and saw that the city had already put up snowflakes from lampposts!! Now i know i've got to get going! Ive got the night off so just maybe I'll get some boxes out of the attic......
  6. I... hate to sai this but i left one sting up all year lol. around a window that was behind a tree... no one know. But i haven't started yet ether.
  7. http://www.facebook.com/v/10150093227222277
  8. this one works! Its on my Facebook page. the votings going well i see 154 i think it said! <object width="400" height="224" ><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="movie" value="http://www.facebook.com/v/10150093227222277" /><embed src="http://www.facebook.com/v/10150093227222277" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="224"></embed></object>
  9. WOW Tekcor1 thats nuts!!!! what that all cost? it will be great next year!! those 125 C7 are going to **** up some power but so will the rest... plan for more POWER!! how many more LoR boxes you getting.... this year.. I got a video up!!!!! heres 75 boxes i got for next year!
  10. Great video Don! ive got to film mine still. I just emptied my memory card so I can do it soon.
  11. yeah it is!! i have 11 songs now and fixed the fast one. I have one problem. when my show ends one channel is left on and stays on all night. i can't even turn it off in the hardware app. i just have to unplug the controller and reboot my computer. thats the only thing that has seemed to work. do you know of this happening to anyone? hows all the rain treating your GFi's?
  12. my show is running!!!! ten songs one song needs some work its to fast.. Tekcor1 i love teh lights on yoru roof. what is the spacing you used? one foot? Great video too looks very very cool!
  13. oh no Tekcor1 it seem we have all had a bad 24 hours. I hope the trees alright. So the bug that fried my channel 5 has beena pain. had to cut off the dead stuff. but it turns out the the 6 pin IC that dead is the only one that has a power feed to some other parts.. goin gto test it now if the powers still getting though.. i hope. Lee_N_the_NorthWest thanks for the offer. i'll let you know if i need some. Everythings up that i need for the show. the lights for my roof i'll do as teh weather lets and then add them in. I saw Don Magelssens the other night and the big tree was no longer bl
  14. mines not running yet.. had some bugs... really one earwig fried in some stuff..now not channel 5... but that not the worst part. ive got to cut off the now dead partd so that it will work and not trip the power. i rewired the lights from channel 5 over to another contorller so thats all fine.. just not what i wanted.. all the lights are ready! i di dget one song tested two nights ago it was great to see them all working.!
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