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  1. Just put in my contribution! Keep it going ya'll. :santasmileyitty:
  2. Randy, these are brilliant! What an awesome idea, and great work by both of you! I may have to give my dad a welding project for next year! Keep us updated on here with any new findings or photos. The one thing last year that I had wished my floral easels had was some sort of washer or loop at the base of the lights where I could put a tent stake or something to secure them down. I had 3-4" of the legs in the ground, but with heavy wind, they would occasionally blow over. With your open back, the wind might catch this even more if the wind is blowing from the back. Just a thought.
  3. Just wondering if anyone got any of the LED retrofit dimmable G30 (globe size C9) bulbs this year? My order got screwed up by LED Holiday Lighting's manufacturer overseas, which I am very dissapointed in. The G30's are so much brighter than the C9 so I was looking forward to them! Just curious if anyone was able to get these this year. Thanks, Tyson
  4. Just got word on my order, had a problem with my CC so he e-mailed me, I replied back with my phone number for him to call...he called me back immediately and my order (that I double-checked and added more stringer length to) is out the door today. Tracking number and order status updated before I hung up with him. Bummer all the issues he's had, it has been a drag for everyone involved to say the least! Maybe it's a good thing I haven't even gotten to my sequencing yet! :giggle:
  5. Travis has been very responsive to me lately, so I think he's finally getting through the woods! Said my order should be shipping today or tomorrow..whooo hoooo!
  6. Dang, I have no idea, but where is it so I can check it out this year? :-)
  7. I haven't received squat yet either. Talked to him a few times 7-10 days ago and it sounded like they would be on their way, but nothing yet. Him being sick probably had something to do with not getting mine yet. Hope he's better soon and I get something (preferably everything) soon too! :-)
  8. I got word from Travis early this morning, and as expected he's quite busy and doing the best he can. Orders are shipping though, so hold tight is about all I can say. :-/
  9. Add me to the list of those that are still waiting, and getting no reply to numerous emails and voicemails. I understand being busy, trust me, but I guess this reassures why I've always gone with Paul at CDI. At least he is upfront, and responsive all the time...and always available via one outlet whether it's e-mail, phone, twitter, facebook. I just hope I have something next week from Travis. Time is a'wasting!
  10. That's a good point Richard about it being hard to really put your heart into it at a different location other than your own house. Can't wait to see both locations, and I really hope you can get it back at your house....it's just classic Holdman Christmas!
  11. Forgot to mention that these are 25' total length, 24' lighted length. They are the regular opaque incandescent blubs, not the transparent ones.
  12. I have 12 Red and 12 Green sets of Hobby Lobby C7 25ct green wire lights from last year. They are brand new in the box, never been taken out of the box! I decided to go LED this year. I'll sell all of each color for $30 ($2.50 each set, 12 sets total) Or if you want all 24 of them (both colors) for $50! (24 sets total)
  13. Excellent! Just a simple 900 pixels on the long side will be fine for web use. Thanks!
  14. LOL...no Max you didn't miss anything. That was on their personal website, I just thought it was pretty cool. :-)
  15. Steve & Sean - Was just looking at your photos...this one sums up everything, I love it! http://www.christmasatthemckinneys.com/images/100_0735.jpg Was great to meet you guys, thanks for coming! Tyson
  16. Excellent stuff you all! Thanks to all who joined us, what a fantastic turnout for our first event! I can't thank the Monkhouses enough, not only for joining us, but for all the goodies they gave us all! You two are wonderful, and we appreciate everything very much. The vendor support we had was really great, to have that many contributions right now was super, thank you all! We are working on getting the presentations, photos and some video snippets online. You will be notified when things are available. Thanks again to everyone....it was fantastic! :santasmileyitty:
  17. My issue with the lattice is that it expands A LOT in the sun. So then it warps because of so much expansion. I tried drilling slots in each of my 3+ mounting spots but it didn't help. Not sure how you would keep this stuff straight with it's expanding. Also, when using two or more strings, the space gets filled very tight, and you often run into them not staying in. Zip ties every so often fixes that issue but becomes somewhat of a pain if you need to zip tie near a mounting screw as there's no room to get a zip tie behind the lattice and your house. I'm going to C9 sized sockets this year, so the lattice won't work for me.
  18. Oh yesss! If it makes you feel any better, you're not alone! :-) We can help. Like Tim said, bring your plans and we'll figure it out.
  19. Second choice?! WHAT?? Carl is #1...PERIOD! :-) But I too am wayyyy jealous...so but wait a minute. Is one of the Roush Fenway boys a light freak, or this just was an added bonus idea by one of the PCers?
  20. Another friend of mine Richard G, Olathe, KS is for sure a maybe, more than likely a Yes. He's new to this and will either be doing his first display this year or next year. And another previous co-worker Chad L from St. Joe is a maybe.
  21. Tim- Yeah I know, I'll have to do that this weekend. I just got another e-mail from FaceBook in regards to another video - TSO-Christmas Eve/Sarajevo. They are busy!
  22. I just got an e-mail from FaceBook Copyright Violation team that my video of Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Cannon was removed because "that video might include copyrighted material owned by a third party, such as a video clip or background audio." So it looks like YouTube, Facebook, and some Vimeo (mine hasn't been pulled yet) are all pulling these!
  23. Duke, they are retro-fit replacements, so no M's...just C7/G20, or C9/G30 http://www.ledholidaylighting.com/led-replacement-bulbs-dimmable-sample-pack.aspx
  24. I'm doing some side-by-side photos of several bulbs...I have the pictures taken, just need to get them on here (or I may do it in Flash so you can do rollovers to compare easier)....I should get this done in the next few nights. My initial thoughts based on the samples I got, I am really surprised that I like the G size bulbs the best! I never liked them before, but these are really pretty sweet...and the brightest! A little too bright is looking at the tip, they are blinding bright. If there was a way to get more facets in the very tip, these would be totally awesome bulbs I think!
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