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  1. Hmmm....no lumpie's in my lights, they must be half wave then. I've not been very happy with the brightness (or lack of!) but thought that was the norm! Dangit! I'll have to take a set over to CDI and see them next to theirs.
  2. Hey Steve, welcome! Like Scrubs63, this is my first year with a computerized display. I've been dreaming, planning, purchasing things for almost 2 years! I am also starting this year small with 32 channels of Light-O-Rama. It is awesome though! Start with the small display, and go from there....you will soon do more, trust me! Especially if you keep visiting this site! These people are the greatest! One question, have you been to a computerized show with broadcast music in person yet? If not, find the closest one (let us know if you haven't, I'm sure someone close will reply!) and go w
  3. Are you sure you used the correct address? [email protected] He just sent my voiceovers the other day, after just a few days (I think 2!) after I submitted my questionnaire to him. He's always super responsive to e-mails, so I'm guessing you typed something wrong or maybe spam filter caught it? You can also try [email protected] if you still have problems. He's awesome though, I'm super happy with the ones he did for us!!!
  4. How do I know if I have full wave or half wave? I tested them last night for the first time, and was able to go through the full power ranges, fades, and effects. My guess was that means they are full wave?
  5. So are these LED's made by Holiday Creations (forever bright), or what are they? http://www.holidaycreations.com/led.html Just wanting to compare to the ones I got last year. These are my first LEDs so I don't have anything to compare against.
  6. Good thought Joseph, but I'm thinking there's no secret in Pleasant Grove about Holdman Christmas....keeping people OUT would be more of a challenge and traffic problem than it was allowing them in!
  7. I think it depends how many lights you want to use, the number of colors, and how dense you like them. I like mine dense...and went with the tripod wreath stand type and put 600 minis (2 colors) on them. But it's all personal and technical preference. The tripod's this size store better for me in my big tub containers too...tomato cages were too big.
  8. Good move Leigh! And thanks Paul for getting the local Christmas talent in your shop! :-) I bought some LED's after last season from her on my first visit to AL...and I know where any future ones will be bought from! :-)
  9. Depending on when, I would for sure try and make it! Year #1 for me so I'm all for any ideas I can get! :-)
  10. We don't have siding, but those are cool! Thanks for posting...and Deep Surplus. I've usually used MonoPrice.com for cable needs, but always good to have another option! :-)
  11. JD- I've set mine up by color...not saying it's the "right" way, but that's how I've done it. To put a photo of your house in, click on View Animation, then you will see a Select button for Background Image. I found it easiest to use a photo just to get my layouts inplace, then remove that photo. (even with a photo that's dark, or simulated dark...it's kind of distracting to me).
  12. Hmmmm, Keith I'm liking the sounds of these little clips! Can you by chance attach a photo or link online? I'm not certain I know what you're talking about or know enough to go in asking for them. THANKS!
  13. Very true...thanks for pointing this out. There are a lot here that either I can tell are probably junk, or others I install that are not so good so I just uninstall them right away. But of course, checking the comments BEFOREHAND is a good way to eliminate some of those thing and keep your Windows Registry a little cleaner! :-)
  14. Hey all, one of my daily web stops is a website called Give Away of the Day. It's a place that showcases, and reviews software, and in turn is a place where vendors can showcase their products. Well every day, some company will give away registered versions of one of their software programs. The only restriction is that you must download and install the software that particular day. (usually they are 24 hour periods of time) I found this out the hard way when I was downloading some that I thought I might use at some point, and went to install it days later and it wouldn't install because
  15. Click your username under the logo near the top of this page. Click the Statistics tab on your profile page. Under "Total Posts" tab click Find all posts by YourUsernameHere.
  16. This is what's I've been wanting too....although they will have to wait until next year for me...but thanks for finding them for me! :-)
  17. So put 20 amp breakers in, and only plug one side of one 1602 controller in each curcuit (2 plugins)??? BTW, I don't plan on doing this...just making sure I have an understanding so when the electrician comes out I am sure everything will work how it should with these controllers.
  18. How do you balance your circuits? I always thought each side of the panel needed to be equal, or that each side had to have the same (roughly) amps running through it, but I've seen several panels that neither or both are not that way. Sorry I'm so confused...this isn't even close to my expertise!
  19. Ok, now I've got questions! This is my first year, and I don't have my controllers yet (TryForFree) but I'm starting out with 32 channels this year...so this is all new to me. :-O We've got 4 - 200A circuits coming into our panel. Currently there's a total of 560A worth of breakers. I assume this means I have 240A available to add more breakers correct? I'm using the LOR1602W controllers, which obviously are 15A each side (30A total) Should I go ahead and put in 20A breaker or just go with 15A breakers? Or do I put in a 30A breaker and I could use both plugs on a dual outlet plugin f
  20. I've replied to Ryan with instructions.
  21. I like your second option hotrod....I'll have to look at that tonight, thanks!
  22. Jeff, the shingle clips wouldn't work for my case. I'm wanting the lights around the wood trim/frame of the garage door...the roof is about 16' above the garage frame. I think Keith has the same type of thing too, based on his description.
  23. Keith, I have been thinking about a solution to the same problem! Thanks for asking. :-) Hadn't thought of cable tie mounts...that's not a bad idea but with several colors, wouldn't you need one like every 3" or whatever your spacing ended up being for the three colors? I'd like to hear what others are doing too.
  24. I like it! I'm not sure what Javascript you have on the How-To page, but in Firefox it's being treated like the old "blink" tag. All the text blinks.
  25. Yep, I cleaned out a few Target's last year too. Those locking extension cords (I think GE?) at 90% off...couldn't resist either Tim!
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