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  1. Don't forget any veterans can get a Veterans discount.
  2. RichardG, the blowmolds are candy canes and soldiers. I had sand in the bases but still have problems. Next year I will drive some posts behind them and tie them in with some large cable ties.
  3. Wind and rain are not our friends at this time of the year. I lucked out last night. A bit south of me there were heavy winds. I did not get affected. I did not even have to go pick up any of my blowmolds that I can't get to stay upright in the wind.
  4. I am glad I saw this thread. I have been looking on TLC and HGTV etc. to find a 2011 Crazy for Christmas show. The best I found was an over the top Christmas tree 2011 show. i will definately be checking this one out.
  5. I have a couple of white light deer that I put out in a clump of trees near the road. In the past I have placed some blue light strings on the ground in front of the deer in order to create the deer drinking from a stream effect. This looks just ok. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on I could do this to make a better effect.
  6. I will leave my lights on until January 6th and then pull the plugs and timers. I still need to take some pictures. I hope to get the bulk taken down next weekend. (weather permitting) . I will spend most of the following weekend (Martin Luther Kings Birthday three day weekend) packing it up and storing it away. Hope to do better than last year. Due to all the cold and snow it was into March before I was able to get some of the stakes and extention cords out of the ground.
  7. tigger2U43


    I was finally able to finish packing away my christmas decorations, cords, etc. today. A week before St. Patricks day and I was still putting things away. It finally was warm enough to melt the snow around the rest of my wire frame trees which I could not get out of the snow banks. I still had to chop some ice in areas to get the rest of my extention cords off the ground. I went out this morning and fought with the last of the stakes which were frozen in the ground. I packed it all away today while thinking about next year. (or is it this year?) less than 9 months to go. This was the latest I
  8. I still have the lights on tonight. I wanted to get some pictures before pulling the plugs. I took some pics tonight in a snow storm. I will go out tommorow if the weather cooperates and draw some diagrams of this years display to make my life a bit easier next year. I hope to start taking things down after that. My goal is to have everything packed away by the end of the three day weekend I have next weekend. I need some cooperation from the weather though. Extention cords are frozen to the ground aftersleet and freezing rain earlier in the week followed by cold temperatures.
  9. Hello all New Yorkers. I am from Hyde Park in Dutchess Co I have been on PC for a few years but have never posted. I was happy to see the thread for New Yorkers.
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