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    1st time seeing an lor display back in 2007
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    dannemora ny
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  1. hi all dannemora ny here. near plattsburgh ! moved here from ct.
  2. hi guys im in danbury ct will everyone please post where they are? i would like to see your displays. shoot me a pm and ill give u my exact address. ive been doing lor for 3 years now im still a newbie though. want to get some ideas from u guys. i do my display for charity its called "Anns Place" The home of i can!!!!! they help people with cancer and their families raised over $2000.00 the last 2 years
  3. i started mine today. i usually take vacation next week to set up. however i have a few extra days this year seeing as i was laid off from my job yesterday!!!! i should be up and running by next sat. i hope lol
  4. chicoss

    Vampire Plugs

    can anyone tell me if they make a male/female combo vampire plug? if they do where can i get them?
  5. does any have an mp3 of disney's "believe in holiday magic" if so would ya mind sharing it my e-mail is [email protected] thank you
  6. does anyone have the audio file for disney's " believe....in holiday magic" if so would ya mind sharing it with me email is [email protected] thanks all
  7. great count me in also
  8. hi all am new to this but i'd like to join in if it's ok
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