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  1. Having issues with my main account stuck in mobile form. I was lurking on PC on my phone a couple weeks ago and I switched it to mobile for easier viewing. Well it switched my main account on my pc and now can't change it back. Would moderators or Chuck please address this. Thanks!
  2. Any one else having issue with MITS not M5 dimming properly. Hooked up my mini trees tonight and they dim great up to about 70% or so then flicker on full bright. Very choppy. This is on two different controllers. Gonna put some C9 on the line to see if it will help. Just curious if anyone else is see the same.
  3. Bill, Have you checked Val at Christmas LED. Here a link http://www.christmas-leds.com/productinfo.aspx?productid=LED-CON-KIT-38
  4. Jacob, Will you be getting in more warm white 100cnt M5 on green wire in October? Thanks, Brandon
  5. If anybody doesn't like the warm white. I am needing 16 100cnt M5 that I would be willing to buy or trade. Let me know. Thanks
  6. I have 14 50cnt pure white on white wire LED from Val at Christmas LED. These didn't work for my project. Noting wrong with them. I needed 60cnt. I paid 140.00 for them. Will sell for 125.00 plus shipping. Please let me know if interested. Thanks Brandon
  7. Ryan, Do you have any more of the warm whites left. I thinking of getting 32 strands of 100 from you so they match. Let me know. I do like the color just wasn't expecting the difference. Thanks Brandon
  8. The warm whites are definitely different that I have received from other vendors. I actually like them they are closer to incandescent that we are all use to. Now do I sell off my 32 strands of warm white that have been used 1 season that I got from Travis at LED Holiday Lighting and buy more of the MITs lights. I don't know. Anybody interested in 1 season used lights. LOL Brandon
  9. John, Please do. I am off Sunday Monday Tuesday. Stop by anytime. Thanks Brandon
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