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  1. Bill V, You were right on. I put 20 strobes in the mega tree spaced 4' and I love it. I have had the mege tree for three years and the strobes this year really make it pop. Thanks
  2. I agree with Jim. Forgot to mentin that. Sometimes I cover the whole thing with plywood.
  3. I might be wrong about 10' being to long. I found this calculation that I had forgot about: Divide 11811 by the FM station you want to transmit on. Example: For station 93.9 Mhz divide 11811 by the station frequency of 93.9 = 125.78 inches. That's how long the antenna should be.
  4. Try this: open the battery compartment, remove the white sticker, you'll find a slide switch - slide it to the other side Turn volume down on the computer that are using (Helped with the static on mine) I do remember some recommendations on the antenna length. I think 10' may be too much.
  5. That's awesome! I would love to visit this.
  6. How far do you need to transmit? I live on 5 acres and used the Whole House transmitter for years. I would put the transmitter in a weatherproof junction box near the street and run a cable back to the computer in the house. I used splitters and extension cables from radio shack and wrapped them with electrical tape so that I could extend the cable. It worked great and was not expensive. I have changed to an EDM this year, but my above recommendation worked fine for years.
  7. 2x4's is how I do it. I am an electrical contractor and I do it all the time in job sites. I you use long enough 2x4's to go across the driveway, you can anchor them with stakes and not harm the driveway. 2x4 protection is pretty effective for temp power at construction sites. Hope that makes sense.
  8. dclark6623


    Welcome to PC. When I first started buying lights in bulk I found a lot in the classified section of PC. I haven't purchased a lot of light strands in bulk but I have purchased reels of rope light, SPT wire, vampire plugs, strobes etc from the following: www.allthingschristmasandmore.com www.wowlights.com www.christmaslightshow.com (Great site for mega tree) www.3glightingcreations.com I have had good luck with all of these sites.
  9. These are the first strobes. Thanks.
  10. I am adding 50 strobe lights to my display this year. I was thinking about putting 25 on my 20' mega tree and 25 in another area (house or tree). What is the standard spacing for strobes on spt wire? I'm sure it depends on personal taste, but I just don't want to put them to close together. Thanks
  11. I ran out of vampire plugs and only needed a few more. I cut the male and female plugs off old Christmas lights and did exactly what you said. I have had no problems.
  12. Great idea. I finished mine today and tested it tonight. My wife said her fingers hurt from using so many ty-raps. I think I will try the velcro next year.
  13. You are correct. I can't change occupation, bio, etc....
  14. How do I change past info on my profile? When I go to edit my profile I can't see occupation, bio, etc.
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