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    An average guy that loves Christmas lights :)
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    160 Channels of Animated lighting controllers
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    red, green, blue globes, curtain strobes.
    4 20 foot 9 segment arches
    2 10 foot 4 color trees
    12 2' mini trees
    wire frames and blow molds
  1. rdmehd


    We got 17" here and I do have my lights up and going. Got several pretty nice pics this evening with them going on my website (too many to post here). My poor 2' mini trees where completely buried and had two controllers covered as well and 6 more that only had a few inches before they were covered. Will have to say this is one wet snow it is sticking to everything
  2. rdmehd


    Just cleaned of my arches, projector, and a few controllers again and checked the depth of the snow. Up to over 9 inches and still going, was getting 3" an hour last hour.
  3. rdmehd


    Will make one, string some lights on it and post a pic for you to see :121_reindeer:.
  4. rdmehd


    It started here just after 2:00pm and now we have around 6-7 inches, and it going to do this all night and most of tomorrow. They are saying it will be close to 2 feet here now, and the weather channel has a reporter in Roanoke also... Plus they are say there will be a good chance of snow on Christmas eve, going to be a white Christmas for sure just not sure how much will be on the ground when it is all said and done. I have to keep a watch on two controllers they are only about 8 inches off the ground. Place them like that cause we have not have over six inches of snow at one time in
  5. rdmehd


    This weekend is going to be nice, finally going to get a decent amount of snow. They are saying anywhere between 12-16 inches is possible where I am at. I have not had my display running in that much snow before, is there anything that I should to do to keep things from going completely haywire. I am going to cover up the all the plugs coming out of the controllers to keep the snow off of them. Any other idea?
  6. Had someone post this on my guest book today and had a little girl come up to me this past weekend and say that she loved my Christmas lights, that just made my heart melt.
  7. I have used it in the past also to end out my show. I think it is fitting to use it now, with the number on military personal that will not be home with their families and friends for Christmas. I have had people tell me thanks for using it, as it brings military families to the thoughts of other people.
  8. The other day at Lowes I found some 7.5W bulbs in the specialty light bulbs that have a standard light socket on it. And they work great, not too bright and they even look like a candle should. Have been looking for something like this for a while. They did not have them last year when I was looking.
  9. I got mine up can going yesterday, had a few tech problems which cause 2 controllers to flake out. But got that fixed today and it is running correctly now. Need to run a second 15 amp circuit to the controller on the roof, keep tripping the breaker. It is a 30 amp controller but only ran one circuit to it. I did the load calc correct, but had to add more lights than planed to get done what I wanted to do so that blew my load calc out the window. Will get that done tomorrow night, have to pick up another 12/3 drop cord for it.
  10. Did you get the rope light ends in the kit? If so, you have to make sure the you get them lined up in the holes in the end of the rope lights. They go in easier if you use an ice pick to open up the holes a bit before you insert the end. I had to use try both ends of the rope to get one of them to work. I had one piece that was bad, but got a replacement within a few days. If you did not get the end, you can use some spt1 wire. First separate the wire and then strip about 3/8" of the wire. Tin the exposed copper Slide some heat shrink over the rope lights Use an ice pick
  11. Pole: 20' - 2" Rigid Conduit 3' - 2.5" Rigid Conduit Post hole digger rental 5 bags Quik Crete 4 ground anchors 120' 1/8" cable 8 anchor shackles 4 turnbuckles Topper: 4" to 3" PVC Coupler 3" to 2.5" bushing 16 heavy gauge hooks 2 pulleys 40' of 1/8 cable 3 - Cable straps 4 forged eye bolts 2 1" pipe stands 2" to 1" iron reducer coupler 1" to 1/2" iron reducing nipple 2 U Bolts 2 4" pieces U Channel steel 3 Ton boat winch Christmas light Show 3D topper w/ Rope lights Base: Christmas Light Show Kit 100' 3/4 PVC pipe 20' 1/2 PVC pipe 10' 3/4" well pipe
  12. I will be trying to get them up and going by Sunday, excluding any unforeseen problems.
  13. I have checked the lights that go on my mega-tree, once before I packed them away and again when I up rolled them. They all worked, and of course after I crank up my lights to the top and got them spaced out. I have 3 strings out of 192 that the top half is out, sure wish it was the bottom half. Will be checking them out off a TALL ladder...grrrrrr
  14. They are called pipe stands, Home Depot and Lowes do carry them. I prefer to shop at the local True Value hardware store. We it comes to things like that, they have a much better selection and the people that work there know a lot more than at the mega-hardware stores.
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