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  1. I'm clearing out the last of my stash of lights. All prices include shipping. PM if interested. Paypal accepted and preferred. -14 strands 100ct WalMart brand clear mini's on green wire $25 -9 strands C-7 25ct stringers without bulbs $25 -115 incandescent clear red C7 bulbs $15 -120 incandescent clear blue C7 bulbs $15 -1 set of 10, clear 7-function icicle stars on white wire $12 None of these have been used except for the stars. They were used 1 season inside. Feel free to make me an offer on anything if my prices aren't fair. Hope to find these a good home at least. Thanks.
  2. Most get it at the after Christmas sales. If you're like me and don't plan that far ahead, you can wait until stores have their pre-holiday sales. Few years ago Michaels had 9' garland for $1 and I swiped up all they had. Usually you get what you pay for but this stuff was pretty decent. If you search around, you can find some good deals at the beginning of the season.
  3. This is all I see... This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.
  4. I'd love to know as well. Does anyone have video of said retrofits while being tested on LOR? That's a great price but want to make sure they are dimmable and work well with LOR before making the plunge of over 2K bulbs.
  5. Although I'm not a huge fan of BM's, I wish I could find a complete set of these as I love them. One of my neighbors down the road has a complete set but is unwilling to part with them.
  6. I haven't seen a set of these in forever! My grandparents had strands of these running around their camper back in the 80's...oh the memories!!
  7. You could use wire to get a less floppy support. I chose rope cuz it's what we had and I kind of like the shape it gives. No matter what support system you use though, a PVC base won't keep it taught. They need to be anchored into the ground. I did have to go out and tighten up the rope every week or so but it was worth the effect it gave. As to channels, it's all personal preference. Make up a mock mini tree and try out different effects with different numbers of channels to see how you like effects before you decide on what to do for the big one.
  8. Figured I should update this since it's been a year now since I first posted it. We did get a spiral tree up and running but it was not done like I had originally wanted. The revised one we did do is much better. I wish I still had pics and video of it but I don't (computer crash took everything). Basically it is your standard mega tree built with a center pole with the pulley system rigged up to pull up the support. Instead of having strands of lights go straight to the ground like a normal mega tree, we used 1/4" rope. Using 16 pieces of rope, we made the foundation for the tree. Secured each of the 16 pieces to the ground with stakes. With the foundation done, on to the lights... A second pulley system was then added to hoist the ends of the light strands to the top. Each 'strand' (which consisted of 1 string each of red, clear and green braided together) was then pulled between the rope sections and walked around and basically strung like you would the christmas tree in your home. Hold the end and walk around the tree until the end of the strand comes to the ground. Stake it in and you're done. Now that we know what to expect this year, we are going to do 12 sections instead of 16. It will save channels, lights and power until we make the switch to LED in the coming years. I hope this makes sense without using flip charts as necessary. Anyway, when we get to putting it up this November, I'll come back and do a proper how-to. It really isn't any more difficult than a regular mega tree at all.
  9. It would be easier to run the strings in 4ths (for plug location convenience) but if you're needing the height, 3rds may be your only option. If you do 3rds, your tree would have an actual height of 7-7.5' depending on how wide your base is. If you have a 3' base it'd be on the skinnier side and you'd want to use a 34" base to get an even 9, 1' sections. With 3 colors, the closest you'd want to space the strings is maybe 4" so you'd need 3 100ct strings of each color for each tree (each string would do 3 sections, each section spaced 1 foot apart for a total of 9 sections). If you go with a 4' base it'd be on the wider side and you'd use a 46" base to get an even 12 sections. With 4" spacing between colors and strands again, you'd use 4 100ct strings. So really, it's up to you if you want a skinnier or wider tree and how many trees you plan on doing. If you're doing more than a few, then maybe the 3' base is the way to go. ps...don't quote my math as I have been out of school for over a decade and barely know how to use a calculator.
  10. Everything is now sold or spoken for. Thanks everyone!!
  11. All the reds, greens and 30 of the clears have been sold. 12 of the clears are now spoken for so that leaves us with 48 strands of clear left. Anyone else interested before I pack them back up?
  12. So far, all the reds and greens have been spoken for. 30 of the clear have also been taken. What's left now is 60 clear on green wire.
  13. Summer is here and I'm going through all my extra lights. Have lots of unused lights that need to be moved. None of these have been strung or used but most of these are without boxes. All were just tested this weekend and work fine. They are all Wal-Mart brand, 100ct, 24.5' lighted length (IIRC). I have: 76 strands red on green wire 80 strands green on green wire 90 strands clear on green wire Price is $2 a strand shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Minimum of 10 strands please. Paypal accepted and encouraged. If you are anywhere in or around Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska, knock the price in half and I'll deliver. If you want all of one color or all 246 strands, I can make you a deal too. Let's talk! Thanks much! Jason.
  14. Rumor has it (from a manager of WalMart) that the reason for the lower number of incandescent lights this year is to push more people into going LED which has a higher profit margin. Can't help but to think everyone is on the same bandwagon. I'm just wondering if this isn't the start of the end of incandescent christmas lights as we know it. Granted they'll never really go away but with the end of the incandescent light bulbs (and the mandatory phase out starting in 2012), it has me wondering.
  15. There wouldn't be any way to cut them off and attach a plug to each of them without blowing them up. The sets I have are 150 lights each wired as 3 'channels'. The large stars have 20 lights, the small ones have 10 so the first 2 sets would consist of 2 large and 1 small star and the last set would be 1 large and 3 small stars. Kind of confusing so I hope that makes sense.
  16. Walmart has these for $10...not sure if it's what you're looking for or if you could rewire them to suit your needs. I have 2 sets of them that have lasted for 4 years now and show no signs of wear whatsoever. The star frames have built in clips to hold the lights as well. http://cgi.ebay.com/10-Star-Chasing-Christmas-Light-with-8-light-function_W0QQitemZ140355641897QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item20add92229
  17. I know I've seen these before on here and wondering if anyone has the link to pics or videos of arches made with clear on white wire mini's? Planning next years display and have loads of clear minis on white wire that need to be put to use. Any help finding these would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Yep...they have been going downhill the last few years. 2007 I had a 3-4% failure rate right out of the box...this year the failure rate has been around 12-15% straight out of the box. A little ridiculous but for what they cost I can deal until LED's get a bit cheaper.
  19. Most of the C9 retrofits have 5 LED's and the C7's have 3. If you don't already have the stringers then I would go with C9's as they aren't that much more. Also depends on your house...if you have a smaller home then you could get away with C7's.
  20. Yep, same here...cleared out the local walmart of the last 20 boxes of green and 14 boxes of red. All that's left around here is clear and purple on white wire. LED's are all warm white with a couple boxes of green mixed in.
  21. The Diamond quality "is sold direct to government agencies and to those companies who supply government with traffic-related products, systems and services" according to 3M's website. If you don't NEED the Diamond quality stuff, I'd say try a truck stop as it's commonly used on semi's. If all else fails, just get some of the 2" and use it side by side to make a 4" stripe.
  22. My local WM has red, green and amber on rollback ($1.83) already and few remain. They have probably 30 cases of clear and 10 cases of blue but those aren't on rollback yet and neither are the red and blue on white wire.
  23. C7's require their own sockets. C9's have a bigger base. Don't know about C5's.
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