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  1. I wish...walmart uses compactors and they are under lock and key in the back storage areas. I even asked my former roommate (works at walmart in another town) if he could get them before they went to the compactor and he said all that stuff (write offs) is supervised so as to not let ANYthing leave the store. Pretty strict from the sounds of it.
  2. They net more if they write them off then sell at 90% off. I just got back from wallyworld and they still had 14 cases of clear and multi on green (with the stray red and blue mixed in but no green) and multi on white wire, 20+ packs of icicle lights, 40+ C7 multi's, 2 stray boxes of red C9's and a few boxes of C9 icicles. I asked if she (the manager) could do 90% if I bought ALL the lights and she said no go and that I would have to wait until end of next week. When asked if they are going to trash them before then, she said 'maybe' and walked away.
  3. Depends on what you want it for. For things less than 5 lbs, USPS parcel post is usually cheapest...over 5 lbs FedEx is cheapest up to about 90 lbs or so. After that, go with freight. Then there is USPS priority mail which is cheaper for heavy but small things that fit into flat rate boxes. As for freight, I have no experience there.
  4. A memeber on here (rwertz) has them. Can be seen on his webiste www.blindinglightshow.com . Personally, I think they look smoother and brighter from a distance than the green wire. Up cloose, not so much.
  5. Cruising around online, I found WalMart has the wire frame twig trees that are lit with LED's. Clear is all I saw and they are not sold online nor in the stores....so I wonder if they are going to be new or available next year. Anyone else see these yet? By the looks of it, they are lacking in the LED count department but at least they won't be amp hogs. Linky.... http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5996560&findingMethod=rr
  6. Are you looking for male or female ends?
  7. Y'all guys made me hungry so I made some tonight and served it on penne....I love making my own sauce. Crushed tomatos, tomato paste, italian sausage, oregano, basil, garlic, tad bit of onion and I always add a little cream at the end to finish the sauce. Absolutely excellent.
  8. Mega trees have been around awhile and I decided I wanted to do something different for 2009. My plan is to build my own spiral mega tree that is the same or similar to this. My tree will be 15' as well, using 3 colors (red, green and clear), have 4 channels per color w/ a total of 12 channels. My thought was to get a good range of effects without hogging all the channels up and this design is perfect for that. As far as designing it, I will probably use PVC for the spirals and attach garland to that and then add the lights. I had thought to just use guy wires and attach the garland directly to that but I don't want to spend the time to set it up and tear it down attaching each individual meeting point of the garland and wires. Also, the PVC will add rigidity to the structure. I also did a little demo in LOR to see what kind of effects I could come up with and see if it would do what I was seeing in my mind and I got the exact effect I was after. Here is a short video of the demo. Let me know what you guys think and I welcome any and all suggestions for help in building this tree.
  9. WalMart HAS done 90% off in the past...not sure if they will do it this year though. If y'all want to get them for the 90% off, buy them now and take them back next week and then rebuy them. Kind of a pain but you can still get the discount that way. Also keep in mind they will continue to discount them even if they have NO inventory all the way down to 90% before they get them out of the system. They usually keep them in the system until March.
  10. His old account was yanked...this is a new one.
  11. Rich Holdman has this one.... JeffOstroff also has one I believe at LauderdaleChristmas
  12. I agree with Tim on this. Our local Menards has twice as many LED's but they are very dim and flicker terribly.
  13. Just 7 and it works fine for that. I'd imagine it'd work for more though (to a degree)
  14. I only have 3 seconds of the .02 timing and it works fine for me. Now if you were to do an entire song in that timing, then I would be leary of it trying to keep up and reliably at that. The only reason I don't use the shimmer effect itself in that 3 seconds is that I wanted a fade up of the shimmer and at the time didn't know how to do it. Never changed it as I have no need to.
  15. Sorry to hear about your loss...it always takes a piece of you when you lose a pet. We had to put down our beloved golden Daisy 2 thanksgivings ago, also due to cancer. She was with us for 11 years and we still talk about her all the time. She loved everyone and always wanted to be ON you, not just by you and was the biggest cuddlebug ever. Goldens truely are a special breed but it just sucks that cancer is so prevelant in them.
  16. Haven't figured all the details out yet but I don't think I'm going to be using PVC. Probably going to use PEX or possible 1/4" steel. I'd like to make 7 6' ones for a tree line and another 15' for a mega tree.
  17. Quality is definately an issue lately as I have had the same issue with mini tips breaking off. The C9 and C7 lights are also an issue as the fading and chipping is much more common in recent years. I still have C7 and C9's from the early 90's that are perfectly fine (no chipping but slight fade) whereas the newer ones fade and chip after just a few years.
  18. I always have a few like that too every year but nowhere near that many. Almost sounds like a manufacturing issue. Definately not an issue that you want to have.
  19. The spiral tree posted above (on feebay) is exactly what I am doing for next years display. No way in heck that I'm paying $3K for just ONE though.
  20. Well, to make it easy on yourself, make each length of each side an easy length to work with. If you were to go with a 6' diameter base (which is what I think would look best...1/2 the height for the base), then the length of each 'side' would be Pi x diameter or 3.14 x 6 which is 18.84. Take that number and divide by the number of 'sides' and you would then get roughly 1.5, so each 'side' of the base would be 1.5 feet or 18 inches. Hope that helps some.
  21. That is really cool. Wonder if anyone here in the US has tried that?
  22. Jeff...you need to get into your SC and go to a 12-step program for over syncronizers. You're always looking for SOMEthing new to syncronize aren't you? Just kidding of course.
  23. That's my goal to, to make arches without any plugs on the length of them, just the ends. My 15' arches require 150 lights per section (7 total per arch) and my OCD just don't like the look of the plugs in the middle of them.
  24. That was my thought but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.
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