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  1. My local Targets, Kmarts, Lowes and Home Depots are all cleared out already. Menards still have some stuff but not much. The only place left that has anything really is WalMart and by the sounds of it, they won't be clearancing their stuff till the 26th. In some ways its good but at the same time, everyone is going to be first in line at WalMart the day after trying to get what's left.
  2. From doing a google, it seems that General Foam still produces these (with a green bag) and the older ones were made by Empire or Poloron (with the red bag). This one doesn't have any markings on it at all so I'm assuming it is one of the older Empire or Polorons. Anyone have any idea to the value of such a piece?
  3. Saw this on Craigslist and just wondering if anyone has any info on it. They say it's 5' tall and 'old'. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Just looking through a catalog and came across this stuff.... http://www.tapplastics.com/shop/product.php?pid=254&PHPSESSID=200812101655181460707754 might be something to look into.
  5. You have to wonder if the people that buy these are the same ones that throw out the decorations after they use them for a month.
  6. Also, if you follow links within PC, remember to type 'forums' in front of the '.planetchristmas.com' in the address bar in place of whatever is already there (that will keep you logged in if you set the 'remember me' box previously). I hope that makes sense.....example, if you follow a link in Jason Rose's signature, replace the word 'talk' with 'forum' and it will keep the cookie relevant to the new page. Kind of tedious to do it that way but it works.
  7. I think you happened to get lucky and caught a manager on a good day. I asked managers at all 3 of my local WalMarts if they would honor the 50% off and all 3 said they have to have an ad stating an actual price for them to match it and that they don't honor percent off price matches. I then asked them if I brought in a picture of the 'clearance' price if they would match and no go, it had to be an actual ad (they wouldn't even take an over the phone price check from Lowes or HomeDepot).
  8. Why not buy another controller or 2 and have dual syncronized houses?
  9. Perfectly normal. See this recent thread.... http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=27691&highlight=breaker+box
  10. My local Lowes had cases upon cases of LED's a few nights ago...asked when they would go to 50% off and the clerk said the next morning....got there at open and they were gone. I asked if they sold them all and was suprised to hear from the manager that they pull all LED's before the sale for next year and if I wanted some I could buy them but they were all still full price.
  11. Sorry for your loss. But don't let the thieves win. By pulling the rest of the display would do just that. Maybe invest in a cheap surveillance camera and put up a sign letting everyone know (or even just the sign).
  12. I have 124 transparent blue C7 bulbs. Looking to trade for equal amount of transparent green C7's. None have been used (changed out the blue for red since solid red was unavailable at the time) and all work. Let me know what you've got. Thanks.
  13. Is this what you are after? I was thinking more along the lines of 8 triangle sections that when stood up, come to a point at the top and each section is connected at the sides with the next section....hard to explain it in words....picture time.... anyway, it would be as simple as building the 8 'slices' and prestringing the lights and then when it comes time to put it out in the display, standing them up and joining the sides with whatever...no need for a center pole at all really.
  14. I'm thinking of doing 20' arches (7 channel per) but in order for it to look right to me, it would have to go over the sidewalk (my lot is 50' wide, house is 32' and sidewalk is just off center)...if I were to do 10' arches, they wouldn't be tall enough for people to walk under....just concerned with people having to walk under them all the time.
  15. Do any of you have leaping arches that go over the main sidewalk going up to your front door? Iwant to do arches but am apprehensive about doing an arch over the sidewalk since it gets used daily...obviously it would have to be tall enough for people to walk under. Just wondering if anyone has done this and how it worked out for them.
  16. Gas or electric (perferable) stove....free.
  17. These lights are all out right out of the box as well. Now that I'm going through the red and clear lights, I'm noticing some of the redhave bulbs burnt out (but only 5 or 6 strands as opposed to ALL the green strands). All 100 boxes of clear are fine so who knows.
  18. That's a hell of a lot of lights. I'm assuming they are all LED's. Looks kinda cool though (and expensive).
  19. J Morgan wrote: I always ball the lights when I get them so they don't kink as I put them up. Makes a straighter strand of lights and pre stretches them so they don't saga week after I put them up. Most of all, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to put them up during the cold Thanksgiving weekend.
  20. These are all the smooth flanged ones. However, the green have a base that comes to a point and the red and clear have a big bulky '+' type of base. I have noticed though as changing bulbs that this years strands are much tighter in the sockets than previous years. Some of the red ones I have to use pliers just to get out (not that thats a problem). And yes, I have noticed the noncomplete painting of the bulbs on these as well. Live and learnI guess as Walmart was the only place with lights this year after Christmas (and very few at that). You get what you pay for and I can deal with it for 50 cents a box.
  21. What about using 8 channels for all 4 arches? It would make them so they all do the same thing at the same time but it would cut your cost down on controllers. In future years you could always add to it.
  22. The day after Christmas I bought a case and a half of green 100ct mini's from Walmart. Now that I am taking them out of the boxes and balling the strands, I'm noticing that EVERY set has at least 1 bulb burned out if not more. All the red's and clears I got this year at the same time don't have the problem, only the greens. Anyone else notice this as well? Also, the greens have a different socket design than the reds and clears so I am assuming they are made at a different factory in China and maybe that could be the cause. Just wondering. Jason.
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