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  1. Hi all, We're continuing to work our garage cleanup project. We're found more Christmas items for sale: -- 85 brand new C9 Strobes (original boxes, never used). Sell $4.50 a piece -- 16 15" stars. Used one year. $12 each. I would prefer to sell these as a set. Send me a note if you're interested. J.D.
  2. Hi folks, I sold most my goodies last November when I had the garage attic insulated and I'm prepping to clean out the lower garage next weekend. Before I begin, I need to clear out the remaining Christmas items first (they take up quite a bit of room). If anyone wants these items, speak up. First come, first serve. I will sell full sets only: -- Eight 6' outside white trees with 1800 lights each (600 R; 600 G; 600 W) $10.00 each -- Six arches with 8-channels (100 white lights each channel) $10.00 each -- Seven splash pools (for the bottom of eac
  3. Hi i would be interested in all the used minis, 40 or 50 boxes of the blue minis, and 1 controller thanyou tom 631-736-6746

  4. J.D.


    Hi all, I appreciate all the people interested in the controllers, but they're all gone now (still getting PMs). My wife and I are now ready to sell some of the other items. We're pulling down the 16 mini trees from the attic. A couple things about these. We put a little more effort into building them so they'd be a little more sturdy. We didn't want the wind to blow them over or have problems with electrical grounding issues. Here's how we built them. Starting with a 4'x4' section of wire screen (1/4" square - see attachment), we used tin snips to cut it into a 4' circle. Next, we cu
  5. jd, thank you so much for selling me the christmas lights last week. i was reading your posts today and you mentioned that you were going through things in the attic this weekend. i was hoping you could call me (301-674-0684) and let me know if you will be selling the dancing snowflakes, arches and mini trees. as i expressed earlier, i would like to purchase them as well. i could come after church today if that is convenient. looking forward to hearing from you. laura

  6. J.D.


    Hi folks, Appreciate all the interest. All the controllers are gone. If you haven't heard from me via PM, there aren't any left. Thanks... J.D.
  7. J.D.


    Hi all, I truly appreciate all the well-wishes and support toward my bruised wallet (daughter in college). The sale of my Christmas items has kept me hopping. The minis are, for the most part, gone. I have a few odds and ends left (see below). Also, 10 of the 19 Light-O-Rama CTB16PC light controllers have been sold leaving me with 9 remaining for sale. I'll probably start pulling items from the attic later this weekend to put them up for sale as well. Again, appreciate the support. Send me a PM if you want any of these items... J.D. Light-O-Rama CTB16PC Light Controllers
  8. BTW do you have a contrller with a director? Miguel

  9. what is the best price for three controllers shipped to miami fl i can send via Paypal miguel

  10. J.D.


    [ATTACH=CONFIG]37284[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]37285[/ATTACH] They are the CTB16PC with heavy duty heat sinks, dual AC power cords and 16 dongles for powering your lights... J.D.
  11. do you have photos of the CTB16PC are ther just card or controller with box and dangles?

  12. J.D.


    Sorry, they're all 100-count...
  13. J.D.


    Hi all, Well, I've reluctantly decided to sell my hobby materials. 2008 was our first year - we went from zero to 304 Light-O-Rama channels and 48,600 lights (www.StaffordLights.com). We also managed to raise $760 for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Last September, some idiot decided to take me off my Honda GoldWing, leaving me with a broken wrist and banged up knees for the rest of the year. I'm better now but I've lost the passion. With our first daughter starting college a few weeks ago, I figured it'd be better to sell everything and help pay for her school than let it all just sit in
  14. Woodbridge Virginia's Costco already has C7 LEDs on the shelf but they're multi-colored. The globes are supposedly removable but they're five or six color and I'm not sure I'd want to swap out that many globes to make single color strands... J.D.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about a grid of lights in the front yard. Was wondering what others have used to anchor the light strings to keep them straight? I assume we're talking about a 8-10 inch spike on each end with the strings tied to them? I checked out the price of spikes this morning at Lowes and knowing that I need approx. 180 of these, spikes will run a tidy sum. I was wondering if 1/4" streel rod cut into 8" segments would work. Let me know what you think... J.D.
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