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  1. I've been using RGB for awhile and there is still lots to learn. Ray Wu is the supplier that most folks use for lights. Expect to wait since this is his busy season and expect to pay more than you thought for shipping. I have been using TM1809 flexstrips starting last year and I ordered some WS2811 flexstrips recently, but to my surprise and continued learning I discovered that the WS2811 lights up 3 nodes at a time versus the TM1809 which light up 1 node at a time. So everything depends on what you are going to use the products for. I use nodes on my eaves and windows and porch columns.
  2. Any time I have everything done after Thanksgiving. Usually the Saturday after since I need Friday and daytime Saturday for final testing..
  3. My indoor tree used up all my clear incan 2.5v SB minis. I also have those same lights in my tune to sign. I need to buy some more replacement bulbs before next season or buy a couple of strings that use the same bulb. I've looked in all my local stores and no one has replacment clear mini bulbs of any kind or even any new boxes of lights that use those bulbs. I have been searching on the web, but not finding anything that was reasonably priced. My old stash of 2.5 SB came from Target and were 10 in a pack for about $1. Probably $2 today if you could find them. The best I find is 5 for
  4. I was out shooting video last night and the crabbiest neighbor came by to tell me he and his family really liked the lights. I said you might not like it so much if I was in the paper and got lots of traffic. to my surprise he said "we can deal with it." Wonders never cease.
  5. If you are thinking about a take apart PVC element try this. Use saw to cut a half inch deep slit on the male piece and then put a little plain old vaseline around the inside of the joint. Works great.
  6. I think that with RGB pixels it is time to stop counting lights and start counting channels. Besides is is the channel count that represents the amount of work that has to be done, INHO.
  7. All my mini trees are metal floral easels and I push them into the ground to keep them from blowing over. The only trips I had where from the lawn lights. Robert I would try unplugging the lawn lights from the mini trees and see if they truly are the problem. Of course if you have the lawn lights feeding your minis that could be impossible. I had the lawn lights feeding from my minis since I had 3 colors on each mini and needed multiple connections at that end.
  8. For me LOR is what I recommend for everyone to start. My first year I had 48 channels. The next year I doubled that. Then I found the Lynx controllers at a mini and found I could get twice the channels for half the money and add wireless for not much money also. I sold some of my LOR boxes, but I still use some since they will run DMX and all the Lynx boxes are DMX so they work together. This year I added RGB and have over 3000 channels, but since they run on DC and use power over ethernet I have a ton of extension cords in storage unused. Where I used to have 3 strings of lights per win
  9. Remember that we are our own worst critics. We see all the little things that are not where we want them to be or the two lights that out and need to be replaced, but the AUDIENCE does not see them nor do they care. They are singing along to the music and laughing and smiling and having a great time. So should you because that is what it is all about.
  10. I always try to leave a couple of spare / open channels in strategic spots in the display. That way you can swap the power cord around and copy the sequence for that channel to the new channel. Then fix things after the season is over.
  11. gymnasium

    White Wire

    I have the following I would sell 17 clear on white wire - Hobby Lobby 1 blue on white - Hobby Lobby 37 blue on white - Walmart 15 red on white - Walmart All are new in box $1.50 per box plus shipping and paypal fee I'm in Kennesaw, GA
  12. My database of shows that I have learned about that are in Gerogia is at 75 names. Now if we just had the space and a willing organizer. We have 5 shows here in Kennesaw alone. I'm not on PC to much anymore, mostly on diylightanimation.com but I have been collecting info wherever I find it from multiple forums.
  13. I now have a jump pole and I love it. Very stable and easy to put the lights up. Started acquiring parts last Dec when I became really unhappy with my 2010 pole. Finally finished putting it all together in mid November. Why do we procrastinate so long? The toughest part for me was getting the threads out of the bushings for the poles to slide thru. Finally took them to a customer of mine with a machine shop and they did it in less than 10 minutes. Still need to put the bushing into the motorized jack, but that will come after the show is over unless I get some free time and take the jac
  14. I'm finally up and running. Got slowed down by trying to learn how to use RGB lights and LSP. Finally went back to Vixen and converted last years sequences to use the new lights. Built a Monkman JUMP Megapole. That works great. Still have a few static elements to put out and some things to fix like some mini tree lights and one channel stuck on 24/7. I spend most of time on diylightanimation.com as most of my controllers come from there.
  15. I've used sharpies on the outlets in the past, but I have just bought sharpie paint pens to try as the regular sharpie marker tip soon goes to pot. The paint pens have a harder tip and come in sizes from extra fine to fine to medium to even bigger. They come in water based and oil based. Michaels has them and I used a 40% off coupon making them $2.53 with tax here in Georgia. Unfortunately you can only use the coupon once and only one per puchase. I just take two coupons and a family member with me or walk out to the car to get another coupon and walk back in to make a second purchase.
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