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  1. i am getting out of the animated Christmas light scene,,, I have over 50 animated lighting controllers, 1 wirelesstransmitter and 4 wireless recievers, kinda like light linkers for lor, and enough stuff to do 3 large houses and then some... you can look at godfrey Christmas lights on youtube... various videos there... tired of dealing with hoa and just ready to stop dealing with it... I have a 99% led display, tons of stuff didn't even get put out this year... but we still did 3 houses and had all the yards filled... I have 2 fm100.s a fm25 all ramseys, 2 tru match antennas, which I can broadcast quite a ways if I needed to... looking to sell as a package deal... but will entertain serious potential buyers... I don't even know where to ask as far as a price on all this stuff... I also have lots of stuff from Christmas done bright and a lot of other wireframes we had made and we did with leds on them.. like 5 minions from despicable me this year, which was a hit... pm me if interested in this display... it would be a slam dunk for someone with a large property that was looking to get into this hobby it is a very large display, with I am guessing about 300,000 lights with lots that still hasn't been used
  2. It really doesnt.matter for me how.many channels, 16 or greater, I had originally 16 channel ones, anything at this piint would be fine, I only.need halloween ones, I have christmas ones
  3. anyone hace any animated lighting sequences willingto share? my card is corrupted and will not work, display is up and controller hooked up, just the card wont work... any help with a sequence or two or whatever would be awesome... thanks guy/gals
  4. Would love to come down, we are at Reelfoot lake I. Tn. On vacation , however a 5 1/2 hour drive do t sound like fun right now , maybe next year
  5. jason101

    New Website

    i have had greg do some custom stuff for me and it all was good quality stuff, thanks greg for all you have done for me... he made 2, 5ft tall penguins, and 2, 1ft tall lettered tune to radio sign that hung across the street on both sides of the road..thanks greg
  6. Bill send me a pm on a serious price, we have 7 more houses that want to decorate, but no decorations, so send me a serious pm and I will let them know what we are talking to make it happen, if it can be done
  7. i use animated lighting, just looking to see what papagayo or whatever it is , is exactly
  8. Bill just bring it to acdc and I will take so e of it off your hands
  9. Glad to hear u are not getting out completely, congrats on your wife getting to retire and help u decorate, hope to see you at acdc, this June, we will be there
  10. Bill , I hope things are ok with ya, hope to see you at acdc, if there is anything we can do let us know , hate to see this happen to such a pioneer to Christmas lighting , hope you are ok
  11. Same here, a belated welcome, we are in the st.louis area, welcome to pc
  12. we use a xbox360. noone plays it anymore and it has a awesome loop feature., we use it all day/night long, no issues whatsoever... if you have one and dont use it, consider it... as far as turning it on and off, i would do it manually, because there are many issues with instant on and instant off...
  13. this year speaking of traffic, we have had 1 hour and 20 minute waits to get to our house, we have been approached by the mayor of our town and he is helping out by making the road we live on a one way street for now till the day after christmas... to alleviate some of the traffic confusion, we are getting so much traffic, there are people on both sides of the road for as far as you can see, the problem is one car pulls our and takes off in the center of the road, because both sides are packed, and another car will be coming down in the center, so then it gridlocks till someone else moves... seems like we have had a more than normal amount of senior citizens, not that that is a bad thing, but it seems like they get confused as to what to do whenever they are gridlocked, and we have to go help them get back into line to get out a bit smoother... and we don't want any bad things to happen to anyone... so like i said earlier, be careful for what you wish for as far as traffic goes.....
  14. We have found out that interaction works the best .. If you have a Santa suit, a frosty suit, or Rudolph , your getting my point, with someone out there waving they are more apt to donate, we have people telling us they would rather not get out of the car, so they hand us the donation to put it in the donation box, it seems crazy I know, but it works, rent a costume and see what it does for you, you might be surprised
  15. whoops, lets see if this one works..www.facebook.com/Lights-on-Paris-Drive
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