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  1. From a distance the c6 and m5 will look almost the same. I have also used 5mm but with them when the bulb is facing away from the viewer they don't show up as well.
  2. You could have bad triacs. First I would use the hardware utility to test the outputs to make sure it isn't a problem with the sequence.
  3. Build a frame that extends down on either side of the ridge and either anchor it to the ground or use sandbags along the bottom of the frame.
  4. Sounds like you need a replacement. Usually the problem is either the first defective led segment or the one prior to that(with a bad output).
  5. Just take a socket from a c9 string with a male plug in attached to it and screw in a working c9 bulb. You can use liquid electrical tape to seal off where you cut between sockets. I always hid my bulb in black plastic garbage bags. You can get male plugs at various places or use cheap extension cords and cut off the male end to attach to the socket.
  6. The 2 wires going straight from plug to plug is so you can plug another set into the end thus making the 2 strands parallel. Each strand drops approximately 120v so going parallel is the only way to plug more than one stand end to end. In longer strings you will see a 3rd wire going to the 51st bulb to power the 2nd half of a 100 count string. That is why if you have a loose bulb only 1/2 of a 100ct string will go out.
  7. You have water in a node. Were your nodes rated ip68? If not this can happen every time it rains (especially if they were rated ip66). If the node that flashes green or red is before the stuck on ones I would start by replacing that node as it can cause problems further down the string. If it is not, I would try the first one stuck on or the one just before the stuck on ones as its output could be bad.
  8. Could the bulbs be backward? Could be a bad socket also. There could be corrosion in the socket.
  9. I would use it to bypass each bulb because if they are removable bulbs chances are 1 of the 2 bulb pins has broken off. I see it a lot.
  10. A snubber or nightlight at the end of the string might help. Some leds just don't handle dimming well.
  11. If a bad bulb, I think it comes with a resistor blob you can use instead. Probably cutting out 1 bad bulb won't hurt much. But too many will overdrive the other leds too much and cause them to fail.
  12. LED Keeper available on Amazon. Either a loose or bad bulb or a bad rectifier.
  13. Audacity is the free program most people use. It is not a site.
  14. Thanksgiving night is good especially if the relatives are over. That was the date I lit up.
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