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  1. That would probably work for the ridges but not the edges. On my ridges I have the strips screwed onto metal strips from the same home improvement stores. Due to the high wind I use a shingle tab beneath both ends with fishing line attaching the tab to the end of the metal strip which pulls it down and keeps the wind from lifting it up off the ridge.
  2. I staple my light to 1 X 2 "Furring" strips from Lowes or Home Depot. They are 8 feet long for about a dollar. I screw on a couple of shingle tabs on the ends. I also put a couple in between that just butt up against the strip due to high winds in Oklahoma.
  3. I usually just have to try it bulb by bulb in the bulb tester as most of my mini's are on wireframes and it would be too much trouble to take them off and try to remember how to put them back on. The trigger method rarely works for me but I always try it first just in case.
  4. maybe the techno version of White Christmas?
  5. I am guessing these won't fit in my current landscape light holders I have? The bulb size I use in the say par 30.
  6. You know I was worried about that. But I never had 1 trip last season. But I was using flexchange leds instead of mini's on them and the lights ae about 3 inches from the ground. However my bushes would trip on another circuit which I didn't expect:confused:
  7. First try bending the tab up a little in the bottom of the socket just to make sure you are getting a good connection. I had to do this on about 1/3 of the sockets in the light string I was using.
  8. Which blue led floodlight do you sell that is closest to the Lowes blue 85 watt floodlight? I love the color of those but the blue starts flaking off after a week or so. The Home depot didn't have a nice even color like the Lowes did. They had hot spots near the center.
  9. I just cut off the piece of metal used to make the bottom ring. Then you just push the vertical ribs into the ground a couple of inches. They don't move and it can be used on uneven ground as you can just push the spikes on the higher ground in further like a self leveling tripod.
  10. It is probably the tar underneath. You can slide a butter knife, paint scraper, or flat blade screwdriver under them and gently pry up a little. After Christmas the sun will soften the tar and reseal it.
  11. I melted holes in mine with a soldering iron just to be safe. This is my first year with strobes. I think it is to keep condensation from forming.
  12. It is much cheaper to buy 99 cent 8 foot furring 1 X 2 strips and staple the lights to it. Especially if you lights are 2 inches apart like mine. I bent some metal strips into a v shape and screwed them to the wood. Due to high winds this year I have put a shingle tab at each end of the metal strip and tied it to it.
  13. I would train your dog to sniff out rust:) I have a cat, so I pull 1 bulb at a time and test it on my lightkeeper pro. So far I have fixed 1 string that only had 1/4 of the lights out that way. But 2 strings had half of them out and all bulbs were good so I took them back to Wally World.
  14. It is recommended to only have 1 lor unit at a time connected for upgrading firmware or changing id's
  15. I got my Halloween taken down on the 1st. And just finished my Christmas last night. I was on vacation this week for this purpose. If I were 20 years younger, I could have done it in 4 days. Too many geezer breaks and boy do my muscles ache all over. I actually kept burning my palms on my shingles for the first time this November. Too hot!
  16. I had a couple of c9's that were doa. Travis rushed me some replacements in time for my Halloween show.
  17. Yeah he has been here awhile. His display gave me the idea to sequence Macarena Christmas last year.
  18. I had Phillips icicles from there about 3 years ago and last year I had some out due to rust.
  19. Aww come on you need to do a Halloween show and THENNN see if you finish by Nov 15:giggle: I see it now "This is my Haunted giant Megatree"
  20. I just cut the wire on the bottom ring between the vertical wires which gives you 4 vertical wire legs that easily pierce the ground. Easy to level.
  21. I agree with Steve. I tried handibond as well a gorilla glue on my skeleton. I held for the first 2 weeks. But then ripped away in the Oklahoma wind (or small kids). I had it glued about 1 foot spacing to 2" square wood pieces. So I repaired it using long screws with large washers and painted them black to match my coro. I will do the same on my snoopy as it has twice as many lights. I love black coro as you don't need light bulb covers at all.
  22. I just run an audio cable from my computer to some powered computer speakers. I believe they are Creative brand 245 model. They provide plenty of volume. Good sound and they are cheap. I wrap them in a black garbage bag to protect them from rain and lay them on a brick. Which gets them off the ground and keeps the end of the bag pinned to the ground. During my Christmas show I also have a wireless transmitter.
  23. Mine were purple and yellow. My green were okay.
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