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  1. My eyes! I think I have retinal damage:D If only the cameraman was in front of the crowd. Danny Devito would be proud. I wish my leds would look that pretty on video.
  2. Check them all. I had 2 out of 100 that were doa and were prompty replaced by the vendor.
  3. I threw the rest of my videos except "No One lives Forever" onto Youtube and they haven't deleted them yet. I know they would delete the sound on that one so I will have to wait a week and post it on Vimeo. Here is a link to one of them and then you can see the rest. I have a few non- Halloween songs for the kids to dance to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m970m5G_NLk
  4. I can't until after Halloween as I have a lightshow for that also. I plan to tear it down Sunday weather permittting.
  5. Thanks. This is my first attempt at filming my own lights as Mestalights filmed last years Christmas display for me. I have 9 songs. About 37 minutes. 1. Timewarp 2. Ghostbusters 3. Crazy Frog Cotton Eye Joe 4. Monster Mash 5. Thats Not my Name 6. No One Lives Forever 7. Numa Numa 8. Thriller 9. Halloween Theme. I may re-film everything. The skeleton looks a little blurry. I set my manual focus on the web on the roof. Maybe I will set it on the skeleton to see if it helps. I would like to film when it is not so dark but cars keep driving through it. Remember I shut down at
  6. I wish I could be there for Halloween. When kids come to your house, they won't know whether to say "Trick or Treat" or "Merry Christmas":)
  7. I could be as simple as a bad stick of memory. Count the beeps and note if they are long or short and how many before a pause. Then find your manufacturer on the internet and see if they have something online telling you what the beeps mean. If you have two sticks of memory try using one and then the other. Reset all cards. Try pulling out any cards not needed to boot. Like your video card since you have onboard one.
  8. Finally got my first video using my new camera done. Good thing I uploaded both to Vimeo and Youtube . Youtube had already removed the audio. So I deleted the video from there. This one is Timewarp. I will probably redo the videos later with closeups of the dancing skeleton. I just don't have time to learn how to do that fancy stuff right now. http://www.vimeo.com/7230669
  9. I did mine last year With eyes open, eyes closed, upper mouth, closed mouth, middle mouth, oval mouth, bottom mouth. This year it is verticle above my garage.
  10. Is up and running for those of you in the OKC area if anyone wants to drop by and see it. I live at 10901 nw 37th, Yukon, ok. 73099 I hope to receive some blue c9 retrofit leds from Travis today to replace my purple ones which were not as bright as my other colors which affected my chasing patterns. I hope to start filming with my new HD camera this weekend if our London fog ever lifts. Show starts at dark (right now around 7:10 and runs to 9:00 Sunday through Thursday. And 10:00 on Friday and Saturday. I have a giant singing face, a singing dancing skeleton, and graveyard. If the gate to the
  11. I have what you have but also have what I call a middle mouth (sort of a flattened oval). I got my ideas from a Halloween video on youtube from a couple of years ago. And eyes open and eyes closed.
  12. Clark Griswold singing "Joy to the World" as he plugged in his Christmas lights? Oh wait, they didn't come on did they?
  13. Perform a "reset" on the controller. Also try keeping the power and data cords separated from each other as much as you can.
  14. Joy. I found my transmitter. The air Conditioning people had pulled it loose from its antenna and laid it on some of my wooden strips I have my c7's stapled to and it had fallen off into the insulation and was mostly buried. EDM has already refunded my order within minutes of my asking if it was possible. Now that is customer service!
  15. For some reason Vimeo wouldn't show it in HD. Usually you see "HD is On" when I look at my and your Christmas videos. I thought it looked lower res. I wonder why? I can't wait to see it in HD. Now I know what a megatree looks like floating above it looking down!
  16. I can't wait to check it out at home tonight. Did you say Wizards in Winter for Halloween? Hmmmm Thriller for Christmas next?
  17. Yeah only I discovered Sunday evening that mine that I got from you last year had been stolen . Must have been the air conditioning guys last summer. I am having to pay full price and assemble a new one myself. Instructions that I was emailed look to be pretty easy. I guess you can't trust people. I had left it in the attic where I had it hanging from the rafters near my heating unit. Then antennae was still there. I guess a thin wire wasn't that valuable.
  18. 1st-Christmas Vacation 2nd-Ernest Saves Christmas (air brakes heh heh) 3rd-A Christmas Story
  19. At first I had a heart attack when I got an email saying "partially shipped" as I start setting up for Halloween tonight. But then another one arrived saying "shipped". Whew! Travis you saved the day!
  20. Last year I did it Thanksgiving evening.
  21. I will be using it in this years show. So of course I don't have video yet:)
  22. Do you just lay it directly over the bulb and attach it somehow? Pardon my ignorance.
  23. You could always do a Halloween display. Then you could decorate earlier and do extra sequencing!
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