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  1. Except I keep remembering the 40% brighter for full wave claim Holiday Creations has on their web site and I know I would probably hate myself later for not going for that extra 40%(Scotty I need more power). I am narrowing down my search for what I want. The 5mm concave looks extremely bright. I like them better than the M5. But unfortunately the spread of light is smaller so I would have to order at least 150-200 for each mini-tree compared to about 100 M5's to achieve the same "fill". So maybe next year for those. Now I am stuck on commercial vs retail on the c7's. Another vendor says the b
  2. Actually it was Hobby Lobby is where I got those clips. While I was there today I saw 50 ct Westinghouse/Holiday Creastions leds for 9.99. I started filling my cart and then decided I better make sure they were full wave. Alas I didn't see the usual rectifier bumps at the ends of the strings so I am guessing they were only 1/2 wave.
  3. The Hobby Lobby near me had 50 ct Westinghouse/Holiday Creations for 9.99 a box. But when I took the lights out I didn't see and rectifier bumps on either end. So I am guessing these were only 1/2 wave. Anyone know for sure?
  4. Here is a picture of the package. They are made by Emerald Innovations. I think I got them where all the wire clips are at Home Depot. I will try to go there to verify that is where I got them this weekend. I will also try to take some picks of both the mini base and c7 led base to show with tension on them so you can see what I meant.
  5. Around here Hobby Lobby is selling them for 2.99 for 100 ct mini's.
  6. The shingle tabs wouldn't work as I haven't seen one for the c7 led base by Holiday Creations or the mini base Paul has. I probably don't have the woodworking expertise to do the second. But while in Home Depot today I found some very tiny "C" or "U" shaped clips for attaching wire (depending on which way you turned it). I discovered That if I were to get the spacing just right the tension on the wire between the bulbs would hold them horizontally parralell. Amd I could mount them either on the short end of the frame to make them point toward the door or along the wide end to make them point t
  7. On my current non led c9 there is a little half circle on the hook so I just used tiny nails and didn't drive it all the way in and the little half circle would slide onto the nail with the base sitting flat against the frame and the bulb pointing toward me facing it. How would you attach either Paul's mini based c7's or Travis' commercial c7's to either the frame or the brick so they would remain reasonably straight? They either need to point toward me or toward the garage door as I plan on using 3 colors. I would prefer they point toward me (facing garage) if possible.
  8. around here in Oklahoma City, Hobby Lobby has 100ct clear for either 2.99 or 3.99 a box (can't remember which). That was the only lights they had in stock right now.
  9. That is kinda my thinking. I was planning on putting out the decorations when I see everyone else in the neighborhood do it, but not run the show until Trick or Treat night or maybe a couple of days before in case some neighborhood kids go elsewhere to Trick or Treat. I don't want to run it too early due to it being much less elaborate than what I plan for Christmas and with it being shorter(number of songs), I don't want the neighbors to be tired of it by Trick or Treat night.
  10. How many days before trick or treat do you start running your show?
  11. There is also a lot of good info at http://www.christmasdisplays.net/projects.php
  12. Thanks for the info. I guess I could just hook up a controller and borrow some of my house mounted security lights and put them in a floodlight holder and try some of Gary's method and see how it looks.
  13. I don't have a projector so I had to use a copy machine to enlarge Richards picture. I think it was just under 400% that allowed it to fit on a 2 ft X 4 ft piece of plywood from Home Depot. Of course the image came out on multiple letter size sheets of paper so I had to line them up and tape them to get the whole image. I used the same number of lights Richard used so I just measured each length and divided by the number of lights and drew dots. C6 was the largest size bulb I could use with that narrow spacing. I drilled small holes where the dots were. I drew an outline along the edges of t
  14. Anyone know how they made the sphere on the Paloverde Dreamlights One Vision, One World video on the http://www.videosoflights.com/ website? It is on the far right towards the bottom. I thought it was a cool affect I haven't seen before.
  15. Hope these attachments show up. I have never uploaded here before. I used bolts with wingnuts to separate the star and braces from the bottom frame. And again to make the bottom frame fold inward to carry it onto the roof easier. Thanks for the suggestions. I will see how long the tape lasts and then try one of the other suggestions if it doesn't last long.
  16. By rotating I meant by using LOR. I think they have like 3 stars turned at different angles so It appears to be rotating.
  17. Can a white floodlight be used set to shimmer? Or do I have to purchase a strobelight and set the channel to "on" during the sound of thunder?
  18. Is there a tutorial on making one of those rotating rope light stars on someones web site?
  19. I made a 1/2 scale of RichardH's Bethlehem Star using c6 leds. Since the bulbs are not removable I had to drill the holes large enough for the bulbs to squeeze through. Now the holes are larger than the bases. What do you use to center the base and hold it? I tried 3 different silicone compounds and I think I would still be holding them in place by hand by Christmas. I finally settled for tearing duct tape in half and wrapping the base until each bulb fit snug. This seems like a good temporary solution as it would easily allow me to swap lights is one quits lighting. But I am curious as to how
  20. His sequences only work in LOR II. Go to the LOR website and upgrade to v2.14
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    I don't have any personal experience yet but I had the same question. Other people have told me they look the same. Travis has both 1/2 wave and full wave and says during animation you can't see a difference. I think Paul sells in lots of 12 and Travis sells by the string. I am waiting for both to get some stock in. I have some tomato cages just waiting.
  23. I too had a great time and so did my daughter and her friend. Unfortunately your megatree made Paul's leds look too good. I may have to take out a loan and get me some.
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