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  1. You can use 2 pieces of rebar driven into the ground and tie fishing line around the whole thiing.
  2. I may have missunderstood a question about the smartstring nodes. The length of ethernet cable between the active hub and the SSC can be much longer than 6 feet (I think it was tested up to 100), Which is why I may be moving my hub into my garage as once I saw moisture sitting atop my hub card after a heavy dew. I had a clear plastic box over it so I could see it the next morning. The length from the SSC to the 1st lighted node should not be longer than 6 feet. This is where you can use "Null Modes" to act as signal repeaters if you need more than 6 feet. You also wouldn't want more than 6 fee
  3. I wouldn't tie the nodes as you would have to point them up or down and could stress the connection. Direction is a preference. I pointed mine at the street to get better fill. But it did make spins look a little different. The ribbon cable is pretty stiff and you won't hurt it. Here are a couple of my videos. The first shows the spin effect. The 2nd shows a cascading rainbow effect at the beginning that took hours to create for only a few seconds of sequence time but I like the way it turned out. In case you are wondering, Snoopy can sing, dance, and play the guitar depending on which of my v
  4. I ran 2 parallel cords and put the nodes between them. About every 3 nodes I pinched the cords together halfway between the 3rd and 4th and had the ribon cable against the pinched cords and zip tied it. This allowed me to aim the nodes toward the street. It wasn't perfect but it was better than using 1 cord as the weight of the node would cause it to aim toward the tree pole.
  5. I use parachute cord. Zip tie the strings to it after pulling the cord tight. You don't want any tension on the rgb nodes. Anything less than ip68 waterproof rating will be prone to water getting in the nodes causing lots of issues.
  6. I think I remember that only the 2 trees were with the projectors. The rest were lights. I remember seeing a long list of equipment. Really high dollar floods and such.
  7. I am on diylightanimation all the time.
  8. I guess everybody has moved on to different forums as there is still only 4 votes for the date.
  9. Cool I have never been first to vote!
  10. Anybody wanting to come to Yukon to see an rgb megatree in action, email me at [email protected] first for its status. I don't even try running the show until at least 24 hours after precipitation to try to give the nodes time to dry out. Then see if there is any needing cut out and new ones spliced in. Unfortunately after a drought all year it has been raining every few days here. Plus I have been having software problems causing my LOR channels to freak out after running awhile so I switched to xlights to run the show but it crashes about every 1 1/2 hours so I have to babysit my show so
  11. Having a terrible time with it. It was working beautifully last Sunday until it rained. When I tested it again Wed night whole sections of it were turning on white and staying on or were turning on the wrong color. I spent all day Thanksgiving cutting and splicing around 50 nodes to try to get it somewhat working. Fixwed more of it yesterday and of course it rained again lasr night so I am afraid how much more damage their could be. Supposedly the nodes were supposed to be waterproof but as a backup plan I submerged then in diluted plasti-dip. If I can make it to the end of the season I will d
  12. Sorry I haven't been on this forum much. Spending all my time programming my 3048 channel megatree. My halloween display is up but I didn't have time to sequence any new songs. Added a floating crank ghost to it though.
  13. I just cut out the bottom ring sections between the verticle sections of the tomato cage which gave me 4 legs which I can push down into the ground. That way you can even use it on unlevel ground or even the side of the hill if needed. With 4 legs going into the ground Oklahoma winds couldn't budge them.
  14. I haven't received mine yet either but I had a small order so mine will probably be toward the last to go. I noticed another big vendor here has still not shipped out all his orders either so most people would not have gotten them faster with another vendor. Not to say anything bad about the other vendor as I have used them also. More help I am sure would have meant a higher cost of product.
  15. I have had a dancing skeleton since 2008. I may still have some lor versions from the past on my drive. Last year I converted to LSP to run my RGB floods and now this years SmartStrings. Email me at [email protected] You can search my videos on youtube or vimeo using keitha43. Those Halloween videos are 2 years old as last years didn't turn out well. My Christmas didn't look very well either. They looked better 2 years ago also. Next year I won't wait until the last night of the show and assume they will look as good as it looked on the display panel of the camcorder.
  16. Welcome I am the one who mentioned it on the LOR forum. I live just west of you in Yukon. Might be a good idea to post about the mini on other forums. I just assume most people are members here also and already know about it.
  17. Or you can convert it to a .wav unless you are going to use an mp3 director.
  18. One reason not to use a megastrands is if you want to turn on 2 colors at the same time or turn 1 on and rotate the second.
  19. GKI/Bethlehem used to make flexchange leds. Here is a link to the companies website so you may be able to find a retailer. http://www.gkilights.com/resources/resources_retailerDecorators.cfm
  20. He did on the 25th. "UPDATE: We are quickly running out of space on the contianer! We need to leave room for the 5% bonus for people and for additional stock items. While the sale is slated to end on Jan 31st we may have to close early if we fill up the rest of the contianer before then. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we are getting close so they don't miss out. If you mailed in you order not to worry we are taking that into account as well. We don't want anyone to miss out, but if we fill up we fill up. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks, Ryan "
  21. Probably after a date gets set, we need to find out what display items would people like to see this year such as coroplast, arches, floods, RGB SmartStrings just for example. That way no need to bring items that everyone has seen before unless we have some 1st timers attending this year.
  22. Well if it weren't for a neighbor buying one of those 6 outlet pre-programed boxes within a couple of day of me putting one out (they were static), I may never have discovered LOR and this website. And if it wasn't for Richard Holdman's sequences I never would have had my first show done in time. And definetly not looked as good. It was an exellent training tool. I am flattered whenever someone requests one of my sequences or suscribes to my youtube videos. It helps me feel I am doing something right.
  23. Instead of the idmx you can use another program like LSP which allows you to use a DIY dongle you can build for around 45.00. Dan has also posted in his lightorama forum that he is coming out with a dongle cheaper than the idmx in 2011 if you want to stay with LOR software.
  24. Okay here is my first video. Unfortunately the floodlights don't show up well especially when they are red. And since my display is about 95% led it is much brighter than it shows on the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOagWiN6cfM&hd=1
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