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  1. I finally got some film shot between 12:00 and 1:30. I kept trying earlier but ended up getting good video of every car in my town! I am a little bummed that my rainbow floods don't show up that well on video. Especially red. Will have to see if it can be tweaked a little in editing.
  2. keitha

    5mm vs M6

    5mm need to be pointing at you for the best brightness. You might try looking at a walmart display board from the side and compare the two or buy 1 box of each to compare before spending money on the higher quality leds.
  3. You might do some comparison's I tried a red string of the new style laid next to a 5mm style and then backed away about 20 feet and they looked similar enough I am going to try them mixed in with my 5mm on my megatree to give it a little more fill. Once again I am only seeing about 4 cases of green in each case and the rest of the case split between red and blue (about 10 each). I haven't seen more than 2 cases at each Walmart so I doubt any will be left for after Christmas sales.
  4. There was a thread back in 08 about how you can build your own rectifiers for those strings. That is what I did and they worked fine in 08 and 09. I can't seem to find the original thread but here are the values I used on 25ct c7 strings "I am cutting off the rectifiers and building my own using the diagrams in the thread. I am using 4 diodes and 2.7K 3w resistors for red. 2.4K 2w resistors for both green and blue."
  5. Do they have the Holiday Living 5mm lights this year?
  6. You can spray "Pam" or some other vegtable spray on the awl and it makes it slide in easier for about 100 punnches before respraying. It doesn't affect the grip on the lights or affect the bulbs. I have also seen people use drills.
  7. I use about 1 inch washers with my screws. If you mean the spacing between lights I use about 3/4 inch. If you mean between screws it would depent on how many lights there are in a given area. I use about every 2 feet.
  8. As far as software goes, Both LOR and Lightshow Pro have demo versions for you to try and see which you like better. LOR has been around longer and there are sites with shared sequences like mentioned above. Also Lightshow Pro can import LORII sequences to be used in its program. It also can import Vixen and a few other formats. So I would try more than one.
  9. I also use an awl. I also lightly spray PAM cooking spray on the awl and it helps speed up the punching process and doesn't affect the ability to hold the lights in place or the color of the bulb. One spray lasts approximately 100 punches before respraying.
  10. The purple leds from walmart were about 7.00 a box last year and looked pretty good. They ones I got from Travis (Led Holiday Lighting) 2 years ago were even better.
  11. You could staple the c9's to furring strips. Then attach the furring strips to a few shingle tabs with screws. I do that for my led c7's. I use apprx 4 tabs per 8' strip. I started with just 1 on each end but Oklahoma winds would pull the shingle tabs out from under the shingles until I added the extra 2.
  12. I used 3/8" ropelight tiewrapped onto hardware cloth for mine for the last 2 years. Hardware cloth is like a plastic grid. To get the sharp corners you just make a loop and wrap black electrical tape around the loop and it will look like a sharp corner at night.
  13. Lowes has better floodlights (more even color without hotspots) than Home Depot and they come in red, blue, and green. They carry them all year here. But at the end of the season the paint will start to flake off (or maybe it is just our weather). Minionsweb has good prices on led floodlights. The Christmasmanor ones are rgb floodlights. One floodlight can be red, blue, or green are any combination of the three colors (millions). Each floodlight takes 3 channels.
  14. I agree. When lightning is close the sound is pretty instantaneous.
  15. You can use the LOR DC controller, or you can use Lightshow Pro with a DMX Dongle and his Rainbow Brain, or an LOR IDMX and his Rainbow Brain. I will be using his Rainbow Floods this year.
  16. Yes the normal dimmable bulb would be a constant on without LOR. Although I think they may make twinkle led retrofits. I have never tried them as I have LOR.
  17. You can try Minionsweb.com for AC floods.
  18. Retrofit bulbs screw into your regular c7 or c9 light strings. They pull more power because each bulb has more leds per bulb. 5 for c9, 3 for c7. Yes led strands are cheaper but since most have only 1 led they aren't as bright. Plus if something goes out you know exactly where because only the defective bulb will be out and you just replace it vs an entire string out. Which makes it harder to see where the problem is. Plus with retro-fit bulbs you can make custom size string lengths. If you are using LOR and doing fade you want the dimmable bulbs from vendors like Led Holiday Lighting and Crea
  19. You can try sealing them with silicone or maybe put a clear bag over the top and zip tying it off. It wouldn't look pretty in the daytime but would keep moisture off I would think. Minions Web always recomments siliconing floodlights for his led floods. Especially pointing upward.
  20. Ghostbusters Monster Mash No One Lives Forever Thriller Timewarp This is Halloween Next....
  21. I gotta remember not to read the forum with my mouth full of softdrinks. Anybody got a towel?
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