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  1. In Oklahoma we have really strong winds. Kite flying is not recommended without a safety harness. We easily get sustained winds of 40-50 mph. I had to resort to anchoring my wooden furing strips I attach my lights to beyond the shingle tabs I had mounted to each end of the boards.
  2. keitha


    You should give some away (to me) to help relieve symptoms of your illness!
  3. Heck I used a 50lb bag of topsoil on the front of my Holdman star and had it tied in the back.
  4. You simply must provide details. All I have seen are 30.00 for 1 meter strips. Right now my "rectifier modified" "formerly flaming" led strings are working fine but someday I would like to go RGB.
  5. If I had to start over I would use the dimmable retrofit C9 led bulbs both Paul at www.creativedisplays.com and Travis at www.ledholidaylighting.com/ sell. If I discovered oil in my backyard I would go with the RGB option. The colors and patterns would be unlimited.
  6. I have done a Halloween show for 2 years. I usually start it about 2 weeks before Halloween whenever I see the neighbors have their decorations set out. I usually shut it off at 9:00 so kids won't be kept awake on schooldays. It will be a big hit on trick or treat night. Don't be suprised if some kids will sit down and watch the show and forget about getting candy for awhile.
  7. Bricks do slide easier if on standard shingles.
  8. I have my 3 colors of led strings stapled to wooden furring strips with a couple of shingle tabs attatched to the bottom.
  9. http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore Theirs are dimmable.
  10. Add a Halloween show and see how many trick or treaters you will get over the years. Some kids will just sit down or dance and forget about getting candy.
  11. Hey Fasteddy can you elaborate on what you meant by "I was approaching LSP the wrong way, i was trying to sequence with the old habits of LOR S2 using timings and copy and paste which didn't work very well in LSP. I then realized that the sequencing tools provided by LSP do most of the work for me and in fact i could do a whole sequence without even having to use the sequencing grid itself instead using the tools to auto generate patterns, fades and transitions.". Also at this time I have only seen the 1st tutorial, is what you meant covered by any of the tutorials or just learned from working
  12. If you don't have DMX how do you power it for stand alone mode?
  13. I use fish weights on swivels and still get some that flip up due to high Oklahoma winds. But they do help.
  14. Start with the female end farthest away from where you will plug your lights into your controller so the mail end will be closer. Cut off the mail end and solder some lamp cord there. Run it along the length of the pole occasionally taping it in place and resolder the mail end back on at the other end of the pole. I usually leave a couple of feet extra cord so I can plug straight into a LOR box at the junction of 2 poles. On the next section wrap those lights over the lamp cord to keep it hidden (and repeat). Also you need to figure out how many sections of lights and divide the pole into that
  15. Different brands fade differently. Typically you won't notice them starting to fade until around 80%. They usually shut off arount 10-20%.
  16. You don't have to use tools to build these. They just make it faster. I did mine by twisting by hand. It just takes longer.
  17. Whew for a minute I thought I was in a Petsmart forum
  18. Fortunately it passed west of Yukon where I live. My parents in Moore have holes in their roof and smashed windoes and dents on their pickup from softball sized hail. I hope chuckd didn't get a lot of damage as he lives pretty close to hwy 9. I heard there was a lot of damage along hwy 9 in Norman.
  19. No way. You look waaaay to young to be 60!
  20. I am still planning on being there.
  21. I use mainly purple and orange but also use red and green in my chase lights and use blue, red, and green to light my tombstones. I have a white spiderweb and white dancing skeleton. Here is one of my videos- http://www.vimeo.com/9597300
  22. I know Richard Holdman used to have it included in his 2007 sequences here- http://www.holdman.com/christmas/sequences/ I used it because I knew I could not do as good a job.
  23. I know their website used to list web and retail vendors. I believe Paul and Travis carry leds made by the same factory but may not have the brand name on them. But there are other vendors although more expensive.
  24. Whats OSU? Oh yeah that school OU whuupped up on:giggle:
  25. Actually 16 strings each color (48 total). 12 feet tall. I was hoping to double the number this year but with wally world not having any leds after Christmas for sale I may not be able to afford that this year. Also a little worried about the weight of 96 strings on pvc so may have to switch to fence rail if the pvc starts to bow to much.
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