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    Six Words

    I got my show running again last night. I can't believe I didn't trip any GFI's. I guess my decision to seal off every open femail end with duct tape has helped after all. Last year I had GFI's tripping if it got foggy. This year quite a few connections are still under snow and worked fine last night. I have 1 controller I am going to try to raise higher today as there is a puddle forming below it and it was within an inch of being high enough to touch the seams where the cords meet the plugs. I dug out the drifts in front of my radio sign and snoops but my bushes are still half blocked but i
  2. If they say do nothing you are okay. So far they have only deleted my songs owned by Warner Music Group and it was almost immediately. They put an ad on yours. It is strange they allowed 1 TSO song of mine and deleted the other one:confused: Is that wheel your Halloween Ferris Wheel? I always love your display.
  3. keitha

    Six Words

    I have drifts covering my radio sign and snoopy and halfway up my wireframes so I won't bother running tonight either. I almost fell off my roof last Saturday night. Where did the frost come from? I had 1 set of roof leds that if it gets super cold the wire breaks connection and turns off the entire string. I had marked my furring strip where the offending bulb was as you could twist it and make it work the rest of the evening. My brother was due there in 2 minutes so I ran out to check the display and sure enough it had just decided to go out. I had a flashlight in my hand but didn't turn it
  4. Yeah it is like this email I got a few days ago "Hi Keith I'm looking at some of your stuff on Vimeo and wondering if you'd be interested in doing a short (:15) animation for a little project I'm doing. I can give you more details if you have any interest-- my email is [email protected] . " He doesn't realize it took me all year to do 3 new Halloween and 3 new Christmas songs this year which was about 20 minutes worth of work.
  5. keitha

    BC Clark?

    There was also a display in Norman, OK last year that used it. I think it may have been Newtonlights or something close to that. My daughter and I always sing it when the commercial comes on. I had never heard it without the words until I saw Don's display 1 week ago Friday.
  6. They also have a Rock version which I use in my display.
  7. And with DC (car battery) they don't turn off at all correct?
  8. Each bulb has its own circuit board. Which is why the first were non dimmable. Dimming them damaged the circuit board. Now there are also dimmable but they are more expensive than the non dimmable.
  9. Thanks. I have posted 2 more Christmas videos Christmas Canon Rock and Christmas Wrapping. Both are on Vimeo as Youtube deleted them. Just search for keitha43. I also bit the bullet and bought a 1 month subscription so I could post all my Halloween videos without waiting for a week between them. I am still filming more trying to get the light just right.
  10. Yes the 3 wart string come from the factory that makes Holiday Creations brand. They are considered the good ones. The replacements from the Innovative had the rectifiers built into the plugs themselves. Paul is only selling the ones from the new factory. The replacements were just that. There were from the old factory to replace the sets that had problems. People tested the replacement sets last year and no problems were reported. Even so the failure rate of those is much much less than before. But rest assured anything you order from Paul will be from the new factory which is in fact the sam
  11. Richard had 9. I have 8 and it looks fine. 7 would look okay as well. You just spread it out evenly between channels.
  12. I remember Richard H. saying he had a lot of lights that needed replacing after leaving them up all year next to his parents house.
  13. How funny all I could think of was Chuck having his vending machine in the front yard and visitors would drop quarters in to animate his display. Talk about an interactive interface. Might be a good way to raise money for charity.
  14. I saw a video of a guy who did that with his front door and it did look cool. It was a member on here but I don't remember if it was a Christmas or Halloween video.
  15. No putting it before the Lor will not change anything. It can be before or after the light strings.
  16. I would like something that would fit my existing par 38 Lowes type holders.
  17. Thanks for explaining. I can't wait to see it in person.
  18. Some of that was discussed here http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=37430 But the failure rate seems quite small compared to last year. Of course that is not much consolation. I am sorry you are experiencing this. I had rebuilt my own rectifiers last year on the defective strands and so far everything is still working okay for me (fingers crossed). I always love your display!
  19. Hey if I stand on my head and look in the mirror I get it! But wait, now the forum is upside down and backwards I would probably have to wire it so at least the letters would be rightside up. Then I would only have to be dyslexic! No actually you could wire it up so you don't have to do it backwards and upside down. A simple example is my arches are labeled 1-8 but when I wire 2 to 1 controller I connect 1-8 to 1-8 on my controller and the second arch I connect 1 to plug 16 and 2 to 15 and so on. So if you treat pole 16 as pole 1 and channel 8 as channel 1(as Chuck said) I think it would allo
  20. Very cool it reminds me of Lindsay Lights from last year. How did you program it? With Lightshow pro's built in tool? Or the hard way manually in LOR sequence editor? I am waiting until my brother comes in from Texas to take him to your display.
  21. They are wireframe toy soldiers I got when my aunt passed away a few years ago. Somedat I may try to see if I can squeeze blue and green leds onto it to go along with the red. Youtube has already deleted my Christmas Canon Rock by TSO and Christmas Wrapping videos due to WMG. I don't understand why they allowed This Christmas Day by TSO. Christmas Wrapping had him dancing. I guess I will have to post some redone last years sequences youtube allowed that have him added to it. And wait until next Saturday when I can post another HD video to Vimeo.
  22. They are the famous Innovalite factory leds Paul sold in 2008 that had problems with the rectifiers. I rebuilt all the rectifiers myself (96) because they were brighter from a wider angle than the Holiday Creations. The Holiday Creations had a certain sweet spot and then would look dimmer so if you drove past my house they look dim until you hit the right angle. Plus I would have had to aim every led to have the same sweet spot. Yes Snoopy was my 2nd coro project ever. He has 1500 minilights and is 4 feet tall. If you look at the back of him he is a wiring nightmare. Even with cutting out the
  23. I have been trying to shoot in the early mornings or evenings to get some background lighting. I wish I had some barricades to keep cars from driving thriough and ruining the shot. I actually have a second one done but Youtube deleted it and I already used up my quota on Vimeo with this one. By the way Snoopy can also dance and will be doing that on a couple of other videos. http://vimeo.com/8000535
  24. Try adding 1 c9 bulb at the beginning or end and see if that helps. Or a nightlight or air freshener.
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