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  1. www.monoprice.com is where I get all my cables.
  2. So I am confused also. Which factory is having a few failures? The Innovalite with the rectifiers built into the plugs or the factory that makes the Holiday Creation brand with the rectifiers in the string itself? At least it sounds like it is a pretty small failure rate. Of course with 3600 strands like chuckd has that is still a problem. Especially on his 70' megatrees. I am sure Paul will do his best for everyone.
  3. The calendar view will not show the weekly schedule. If you see the weekly show in the weekly view you are okay.
  4. I use clear bulbs partially unscrewed.
  5. It sounds like the blue and green were the replacement sets created by the factory he was using last year. The replacements sets corrected problems of rectifiers becoming defective. I have not heard of any problems fading them by people testing them late last year. I would call Paul and talk to him about it. He will do his best to make you happy. I kept my defective strings and rebuilt my own rectifiers last year because that manufacturers c7 leds had the brightest leds with the widest viewing angle.
  6. I drill some holes into shingle tabs and screw them to the furring strip and then cut off the top of the tab so it doesn't stick up past the wood. I attach 1 at each end. Because of high winds in Oklahoma I also put another 1 at about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way that aren't attached to the strip but just butted up against it. For ridgecaps I use metal strips from home improvement stores bent into an inverted v shape screwed to the bottom of the strip. I also tie each end of the metal to a shingle tab to keep the high wind from lifting the strip from the ridge cap.
  7. I was still on my way back from Texas last night at 6:00 but by the time I arrived my show was already running. I got up early this morning to try to film a few songs when the light outside would be "just right". After having breakfast, shaving, bathing, and combing my receding hairline, I grabbed my camera and went into the garage and prepped the computer opened my garage door and lo and behold the neighbor across the street where I film from had a big SUV parked right there Lesson learned I will check for obstacles outside before getting ready.
  8. 1/2" would probably be the closest they could be put together as the sockets will be pretty much touching each other. I tried to stay around 3/4" myself.
  9. Of course I wish I could be done that early in the year but I also do a Hallloween show so I have to sequence twice as many songs as I would for just 1 holiday. And still only manage 6-8 songs a year working all year long, Well actually Jan through mid Oct. I try to take a break as soon I as start setting up my Halloween display. I am glad I don't have to program Bill's and Robert's displays. Whew!
  10. My entire display has 3 colors so I use 3 channels per tree. If you are doing clear and multi 2 is fine. With 1 channel the clear and multi would be on at the same time.
  11. Get up at 3:30 in the morning and do a test run while everyones asleep. Repeat as necessary:giggle:
  12. I staple mine facing the street on 1 X 2 furring strips from a home improvement store.
  13. Or if you are watching one of your own videos at work and someone walks by and says "that house is cool" and then don't believe you when you say it is yours.
  14. Sometimes the leds don't have enough load for the lor unit to fade them properly giving you flicker or they won't turn of and on correctly. The newer software is better about it. Workarounds included putting a mini light string, or 1 c9 bulb, or nightlight, or air freshener, or building custom terminators usually consisting of a resistor within a vampire plug. This provides enough load for the lor unit to work correctly.
  15. I had 2 out of 100 (1 yellow and 1 purple) and Travis quickly rushed me replacements in time for my Halloween show.
  16. I have seen a few non animated houses lit up already and keep having neighbors asking me when I will go live.
  17. The way I remember it was the replacement strings from the last years manufacturer couldn't be stacked (male plug into the back of male plug) as there were no slots in the back of the male plug. So I would think if your male plugs had these slots you have sets from this years manufacturer. Last year was a rectifier problem. I rebuilt al my rectifiers so I never saw the replacements from the former manufacturer myself. That is just what I remember reading in the forum last year.
  18. Solo for me. My daughter couldn't care less (teenager). I think she figures the money I spend on the display would be better spent on her.
  19. If you can exchange them while you still can. I have had 3 Wally World sets like that. By carefully removing 1 bulb at a time I was only able to fix 1 set by carefully spreading the contacts slightly outward on each bulb until it lit up. It didn't work for the other two so the must have had a break in the wiring or a backward led or socket and it wasn't worth it to troubleshoot farther if I didn't have to.
  20. It works for me. With the 10mm I didn't think the mini lights pushed through far enough. Now if you aren't using lights I would have used 10mm. Also if you use many lights I would use screws with large washers instead of glue to attach to your frame. I used a combo of gorilla glue and handi-bond for Halloween and it failed after 2 weeks. For what it is worth I prefer black coro because it eliminates the need to use blackout caps or electrical tabe to hide the unused bulbs.
  21. I saw Chuck's show last year and it was awesome. Although it made me envious. My entire yard (house included) would fit inside his last years Mega Tree My display took me 8 days to set up. If I had to do his, By the time I had it tore down it would be time to set it back up again Love his arches and wrapped treeline.
  22. You might try emailing Dan at Lightorama on his website. I had something like that happen last year and was able to fix it in excel but I don't remember exactly how it did it. I now keep back up copies on multiple machines. Have you looked in your sequences folder? You may have and auto backup of your sequence there. It will have a .bak extension. If you do rename your current file and change the .bak to .lms to restore your file.
  23. As I understand it, the more leds you remove from the circuit the more voltage you would have to drop via a resistor (which would generate a lot of heat on the resistor) or you would fry your other remaining leds. I am no expert you understand.
  24. I am using it in this years show. When the movie came out I couldn't help thinking of sequencing it.
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