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  1. It looks to me light he has used the same concept as arches but kept them straight like with some people call firesticks. Simple straight pvc with incandesant clear mini's wrapped around them.
  2. Macafee (Cox Cable version) also reported it and said it safely removed it and finished the download.
  3. I few years ago they caught me on my roof putting up my Christmas lights. But now my entire neighborhood doesn't have a street view. The neighborhood next to us does. You can see where the car drove past both openings to the neighborhood.
  4. This was for a sale that started last December and ended January 8. Most vendors have a sale around that time and you get prices much lower than the rest of the year. Then the vendor makes a huge order overseas and the lights arrive sometime between spring and fall. The vendors order extra so they can also sell from their websites but at a higher rate than the group buys but still good prices. This website was www.MITSLighting.com
  5. Do you get much wind? In Oklahoma you pretty much have to drive rebar into the ground at a angle and slide the pvc down over it or it will blow away
  6. But did you test it with 50 mph winds? Also I would test it once you get lights on it. They will add lots of weight making it more unstable. I had to add additional shingle tabs to my wooden strips I have my roof lights attached to the first year I started using them. I started with just one on each end and although the wood layed flat against the shingles the Oklahoma wind would pull the wooden strips and large flat plastic tabs (which slide up under the shingles) out. Better safe than sorry. Stick it outside the next few rainstorms. I am sure at least one of them will have high winds. We j
  7. He is bringing a couple of strings to "The Academy". He is hoping to send out a sample string to those who had previously emailed him but only has about 20 on hand. I hope I got my payment to him before they are all spoken for.
  8. http://www.altoonalights.com/mega/mega_calc.php is a calculator you can use.
  9. I am waiting for the inventer to ship me a small sample string when he gets some more covers. Some videos can be found here- http://www.youtube.com/user/zstoltenberg/videos
  10. Walter and Jackie Monkhouse had a tutorial on their Colormotions tree. You can search for that or go here and download the pdf. http://www.magicchristmasnews.org/magic_christmas_news_002.htm
  11. You are correct. Red leds for example use less current than blue for example. So you have to use larger resistor sizes in the rectifier or you can burn out the red leds. And if you use blue leds in a string designed for red the blue will just be a little dimmer. There used to be some special Flex-Change leds I think made by GKI Bethlehem that were made interchangeable but the were pretty expensive. I don't know if they still make them.
  12. I had tried that back when the video was made., It didn't work very well for me as I had it on a megatree which was prone to the wind blowing causing the wires to pull apart breaking the seal. I even had them tie-wrapped to double strands of parachute cord and it didn't help. Maybe if they were attached to something solid it would work better.
  13. I have 10 strobes for a 10 foot tree. I start on the ground halfway between the pole and tree ring. Then go up and over the pole and attach it to the ground on the other side halfway between the pole and opposite tree ring. The strobes on the right side are staggerd so they are between the strobes on the left side.
  14. Holidaycoro has videos here http://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp He has his own DMX dongle called Actidongle you can purchase if you want to stay with his products. He has a video on setting up his dongle with LOR Advanced software 3.9. There are other DMX dongles you can also use that either plug in to USB ports or Ethernet ports as well.
  15. Site is up again. I just got emailed about a post from 5/4
  16. The site now gives a database error so it is a different message. My guess would be either they got hacked again or the server had issues. Unfortunately it happens.
  17. Cold weather make it lose its hold for me as well.
  18. Cut a little insulation off the ends. Slide heat shrink tubing onto one end. Twist the ends together and solder. Make sure the heat shrink is back a little so it doesn't shrink while soldering. After cooling slide heat shrink over soldered ends. Use a barbeque lighter to heat the tubing unless you have a fancy heat gun. You can also use electrical tape instead of heat shrink tubing. Mice love biting through wiring. I always have to repair my parents wireframes.
  19. To stand mine up I use rebar behind the tombstone and tie the tombstone to it with fishing line so it can't be seen.
  20. You can test to see if a snubber would help adding a nightlight to the channel and see if it behave. Sometimes there isn't enough load on the channel.
  21. You can view a video on their website. It has been awhile but I think you can start about 1/2 way down the bad portion of the string and see if that half works ect. until you narrow it down to the bad bulb. Not all rectifiers are the same. Different colors use different resistors. Longer strings may use capacitors to do voltage doubling. I had to replace all rectifiers on the infamous cdi strings a few years ago (manufacturers problem not cdi's fault). Luckily there were people smarter than me who figured out what values all the components should be to allow me to make my own rectifiers.
  22. If it is the rectifier it would be very difficult to remove all the coating to try to identify the components in the rectifier to replace it. But you would have spare leds for repairing another strand. If it is a led, there is a couple of resistor parts included with the led keeper you can replace the led with to make the rest of the string work.
  23. Also could be the rectifier. This usually is the big blob on the strings. If you have 2 blobs then the one on the end nearest the bad half could be bad. The led keeper would verify if your leds are good and if they are then your rectifier is bad.
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