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  1. I suppose I could risk bringing either my dancing skeleton or singing, dancing, guitar playing snoopy I made last year. But beware when you see the mass of wires in the back of snoopy it may scare you off. Or I could just bring the singing pumpkin I got from wowlights a couple of years ago. I am thinking of trying to shorten some more wires on snoopy. As it is if a string goes out it will be a nightmare to troubleshoot
  2. 3/4 is a pretty good average. I prefered black coro so I didn't have to black out any unused lights. Depending on the amount of lights you might need anchoring points about 1 1/2 feet apart. My dancing skeleton which was my first project I used glue recommended here and after about 2 weeks the skeleton peeled away. So I re-attached it with screws and large washers and painter them black. My skeleton had about 800 lights and my snoopy had around 1500.
  3. For that size tree I would go with c6's. I like the bright white myself but only have red, blue, and green everywhere but my icicles. Bright white makes it pop.
  4. I already gave you an opinion of my 5mm 12' megatree. You can go here http://www.vimeo.com/8215322 and see a video of a 5mm tree in action. You will see gapes in the string where the lights don't show because they are facing away. It actually looks a little more sparse in person. I am thinking of changing places with my c6's in the bushes next year as I could then aim them toward the street better. The minitrees are also 5mm but look brighter as they are aimed toward the street.
  5. I used an awl from Lowes to do my singing-dancing-guitar playing Snoopy and dancing skeleton. I gave a quick shot of Pam (cooking spray) onto the metal before punching which made the punching easier (lasts for about 100 punches) and then re-coat. It also made the mini's slide in easier and they didn't back out.
  6. I was a little disappointed in my 5mm lit tree this year. When the bulbs twist away from your viewing angle it looks like there are no lights so it creates gaps in the string.
  7. I slip my PVC down over the fence post so the post is inside the PVC.
  8. I did see this when I went to the strobe light page-"Sorry, the shop is inaccessible temporarily. Please try again later.".
  9. The main page is working now but I did see this when I went to strobe lights-"Sorry, the shop is inaccessible temporarily. Please try again later.". Sounds like the web site is getting some revamping.
  10. I tried both Handibond and gorilla glue and after 2 weeks, the coroplast pulled away from my wood frame. Of course I had minilights in the coroplast. I ended up using screwws and large flat washers.
  11. I am sure Don will reply to you shortly. I saw a thread a couple of days ago of pictures of his roof. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=30151
  12. Sounds like you are referring to the flexchange leds. They don't seem to have rust issues but are pretty expensive and I don't care for the 6 inch spacing but they are nice and bright.
  13. I was thinking of playing around with the LSP demo this year. I didn't jump on the bandwagon last year because it would have been difficult to convert my old shows and learn new software quickly enough.
  14. I would like to see the cosmic ribbon neons and didn't you also have the firefly's?
  15. Don't know if this will help. In my video's the 5mm are on the minitrees and megatree. The c6's are on the tall bushes against the house. The 5mm on the minitrees look brighter because they are basically facing the street. On the megatree, some are facing away as there is no way to aim them so it looks like there are gaps in the megatree strands. Next year I may reverse the c6's in the bushes with the 5mm in the megatree because of that. http://www.vimeo.com/8257242
  16. Hey Annalisa we missed you last year!
  17. I like it as is. Not enough members for formal classes in my opinion. Plus not having formal classes allows for people to leave whenever they need to. People usually request what they want to see. Last year I brought an arch and a minitree by request. This year I may throw in a coro project if requested. Not sure about that as they are a nightmare to troubleshoot if a bulb goes out during the trip. My singing, dancing, guitar playing Snoopy has around 1600 bulbs and the back is the biggest mess of wires you may ever see. My dancing skeleton had about 1/2 that and was my first project. I may tr
  18. Hey Tom I was sitting at home on vacation this last week and saw a live Bricktown webcam shot during the news and saw the top of a megatree flashing. I am guessing you got one set up down there this year
  19. I believe I read last year they were both made by the same factory (Minleon Electronics). Feel free to correct me If I am remembering incorrectly.
  20. keitha

    Six Words

    Had to replace a set of fuses last night. It was the only set I have had to replace this season. Never popped a GFI this season even since most of my electrical cords are still under snow on the ground. This has been my most trouble free year. I think duct taping all open female ends really helped. This breakdown will take a lot longer due to the snow and I think I will try to get a light count as I am tearing down. Maybe an extension cord measurement too.
  21. keitha

    Six Words

    I think tonight will be my last night. Hardly anyone is out looking because of the road conditions. I am letting my show run until 12:01am tonight.
  22. The Holiday Soft program can connect to the LOR program and act as its animation window. It does a more relistic representation of how your display will actually look. The simulation of a multi colored rotating megatrees look better that the animation window of Lor and Light Show pro in my opinion. (based on the last demo I saw which I admit has been awhile and they may have caught up as they are always improving that software).
  23. So far I have only had Youtube remove videos of songs owned by Warner Music Group (which owns a lot of Christmas songs). On Sony songs they will just post an ad that pops up when the video starts that you can close. I also use Vimeo.
  24. It takes me way longer than that but I do have 112 channels and I used to do .05 timings but this summer I started using the beat wizard and sub dividing by 8 to make it easier to do my 8 channel arches and megatree spins and still only got to 4 new Halloween songs and 3 Christmas songs. A lot of my time gets wasted on trying something new and then looking at it in the visualizer and not liking it and having to redo it or experiment with different things to see what I like best. I always try to do something different so it isn't "Same Effects Different Song".
  25. Don, you have heard mine and it is the EDM. I am in the middle of the block and you can hear it at both ends of the block. They ship fast but since they come from far away (Africa I think) they wouldn't make it in time for this year. Twice this year I have accidentaly unplugged the audio cable going to the transmitter without noticing but I doubt yours would be that simple:) I noticed Tom's range too. He must have a really tall antenna somewhere. I was picking him up on the interstate as I was leaving his neighborhood heading to the Mustang lightshows.
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